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Eleventh Period: End of Term Time, 2nd Period
Episode 33
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Episode Information
Kanji 期末の時間 2時間目
Romaji Kimatsu no jikan nijikanme
Manga Chapters Chapter 119
Chapter 120
Chapter 121
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Previous Episode Episode 32
Next Episode Episode 34
Air Date
Japanese March 17, 2016
Theme Music
Ending Kaketa Tsuki

End of Term Time, 2nd Period is the thirty-third episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the eleventh episode of Season 2. It premiered in Japan on March 17, 2016.


The second-semester finals are beginning at Kunugigaoka Junior High, and Chairman Asano himself takes up the mantle to teach Class A to 'kill' Class E. With the questions designed so that even Class A will find difficult to solve, will Class E finally take the top 50 spots over their academic rivals?


The Five Virtuosos discuss the results of the school festival with Chairman Asano. While Gakushu Asano is satisfied, the chairman disagrees with Class E coming so close to victory. To the horror of the students, he suggested that they should have sabotaged Class E's restaurant by poisoning their natural ingredients.

Gakushu rebukes that given Class E's successes throughout the year, he believes that his father's education philosophy is wrong. He adds that true strength does not come from ruling over the weak, and that Gakushu and his friends (almost calling them 'minions') have unconsciously found their abilities improving in parallel to their rivals. The chairman then asks his son to wait outside his office for three minutes so he can talk to his friends in private. With Ren's blessing, Gakushu does so. Three minutes later, he is called back in by the chairman, only to find the office shrouded in darkness and his friends endlessly chanting to kill Class 3-E. His father states that he is merely fanning the flames of hatred toward Class 3-E and is determined to make his philosophy stand through. Incidentally, he will be handling the end of term exams.

The next day, Gakushu muses to himself how the relationship between him and his father has always been one of teacher and student and never personal, even at home. On the way to school, the chairman stops to see a homeless man. He throws some banknotes to the ground, and the man eagerly picks it up to feed his gambling habits, which is because of Asano's machinations. In the chairman's office, he blackmails Karasuma and his assistant for more money, sensing a change in the atmosphere as the assassination deadline draws near, ostensibly citing the safety for his students. Karasuma complies, knowing how shrewd the chairman can be to have the entire Ministry of Defense in his pocket.

In the mountain classroom, Korosensei believes that his students have matured enough over the year to succeed in the second-semester exams, unlike the first-semester mid-terms. Sugino however, reveals that Class A is being taught by none other than Chairman Asano. His first lesson with them was so much easier but a lot faster, causing a few of the students to fall behind. Asano takes them outside for three minutes before they walk back in with the same brainwashed look on their faces and chanting the same words as Gakushu's friends. He states that the class should demolish the enemy, and they are the future of humanity. He also excuses Gakushu from the classroom, confident that he will get the same results.

At the end of the day, Class E discuss the similarities between Korosensei and the chairman. At the campus they see Gakushu waiting for them. Getting straight to the point, Gakushu asks them to kill his father's education philosophy only by them taking the top 50 spots from Class A. Gakushu will still aim for first place. Should Class A win; however, they will only trust his father's methods in future endeavors. In terms of the relationship between Gakushu and his father, he will forever be stuck being second-in-command. The constant defeats to Class E had given Gakushu perspective and bows his head to them in an uncharacteristic gesture.

Karma however kills the mood in a forthright manner, stating that he will claim the top spot from Gakushu. Isogai says that all Class E ever wanted was to do their best, while Karma advises his rival to study as if he wants to kill him. Gakushu agrees. As the other teachers bemoan that the chairman may have gone too far with the content and the extreme difficulty of the exam questions, the chairman and Korosensei meet at the former's office. Gakuho asks why he wished to become a teacher. Korosensei vaguely answers that it is either to pass on their successes to the next generation or to hide their failures, something that strikes Asano's chord.

One week later the whole school start their English exam. During their preparations, Korosensei had the students with the best academic ability in a subject to teach the rest of the class (e.g. Nagisa with English and Karma with Math). The English exam proves to be very challenging, with many of the students unable to finish the paper. Even Nagisa (whose best subject is English) found the exam exhausting just on the very first day. The other subjects prove to be even more difficult for Class E, though Class A appear to be tackling the Science portion with such a brutal and primal passion. The fake Ritsu provides inspiration and morale-raising in the Japanese exam. In contrast, in the Maths exam, Terasaka pummels his way through the probability questions. The class, at the very least, aims to get partial credit by using the right formula and approach. However, they stumble at a relatively unknown topic towards the end. Karma and Gakushu solve the problem with ease before facing into a showdown on the final question.



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