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Thirteenth Period: Let Live Time
Episode 35
Episode Information
Kanji 生かすの時間
Romaji Ikasu no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 125
Chapter 126
Chapter 127
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Previous Episode Episode 34
Next Episode Episode 36
Air Date
Japanese March 31 2016
Theme Music
Ending Kaketa Tsuki

Let Live Time is the thirty-fifth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the thirteenth episode of Season 2. It premiered in Japan on March 31, 2016.


Chairman Asano challenges Korosensei to a one-sided wager that will decide on Korosensei's future as the Class 3-E teacher. But when Korosensei unexpectedly solves all his problems without further self-harm, Asano thinks back to his early teaching years and what drove him to pursue his current education philosophy.


Continuing on from the previous episode, Korosensei has taken a hit after failing to solve a maths problem before the anti-sensei grenade exploded on him. Chairman Gakuho Asano tells Korosensei to continue solving the remaining three problems in the workbooks. But to his surprise, Korosensei answers the second one in the blink of an eye without harming himself. He explains that as a teacher he solved the questions in all of the workbooks within the country. Asano claims that that is remarkable, causing Korosensei to further state that he only had difficulty with the math problem because he lent another copy of the same workbook to a student a long while ago (implied to be Toka Yada) and had forgotten about it. He fulfils his end of the deal and gently goads Asano in asking whether his life is flashing before his eyes.

The chairman thinks back to the very beginning of his teaching career, where he established a cram school on a mountain financed by his earnings on the stock market. He remembers his first three students - Ikeda, Mori and Nakai. Back then he was focusing on teaching them to be 'good' students and built a strong relationship with Ikeda in particular. In appreciation of his teaching them, the three students bought a golden oak leaf pin for him, a gesture Asano is very happy of. Asano's reputation as a teacher rose and his cram school received more enrollments over the following three years while his first students went to high school. After receiving a call from Ikeda who seemed happy, Asano planned to visit his house after performing some duties in the area. But arriving at his place, Asano discovered to his horror that Ikeda committed suicide following persistent bullying from a peer in his basketball team. He attended Ikeda's funeral along with Nakai and Mori, but his whole philosophy to teaching changed. Asano began to teach his next students to become 'strong' and willing to sacrifice to strive for that goal, or it would all be for nothing. He took a sabbatical, learning different kinds of strength. He perfected his brainwashing techniques and got his revenge on Ikeda's bullies by luring them into gambling, causing them to be addicted to it. Asano also created the school that will become Kunugigaoka Junior High as a way of reinforcing his new philosophy while the cram school he established represented his greatest failure as a teacher.

Back to the present, Asano willingly opens his workbook knowing he will face certain death. The grenade explodes but it is revealed that Asano has been protected by Korosensei's shelved skin. Korosensei states that he based his teaching methods on Asano's early teaching years and while Asano was striving to achieve his philosophy he had unconsciously kept his former methods alive by placing the students deemed failures into the hands of a fellow educator who can restore their confidence and self-esteem, and thus achieve their own victories. Asano does not openly admit defeat, simply that Korosensei's methods had proven that Asano's own methods works. Before leaving, Asano asks whether he can return to try his luck at killing Korosensei, to which the latter smugly agrees. Walking back to the carpark at the main campus, Asano sees his son by their car, asking that the look on his father's face meant he lost again. The chairman states that he will not only improve himself as an educator but also as a parent, and asks whether his son will sue him for assault. Back at the classroom Korosensei tells his students of another weakness as a reward for their academic efforts. He explains that his body is designed for speed and lacks power (holding him in place will immobilize him) but knowingly does so since he is simply too fast for the students to hold his tentacles down.

Sometime later, Isogai announces to Class E that they will need to perform at a school play despite their high school entrance exams being so near. Although he had complained about this at the student council meeting, Gakushu Asano simply replies that Class E will figure it out as his way of complimenting them. Hazama is designated as the writer while Kayano works on the props. Korosensei is reduced to being a peach. Their play begins when the whole school is having lunch. Hazama purposefully wrote the play about divorce between an abusive relationship between a lecherous, conniving husband (played by Sugino) and distressed wife (Kanzaki) to be dark and something that will cause the school to lose their appetites, a twist on the Japanese folktale, Momotarou. The play, in Hazama's view is a success, and Gakushu curses them. As the class celebrates in a mixed fashion, the chairman ponders that a major storm is brewing that will affect the whole of Class 3-E.


Differences between Manga and Anime[]

  • In the manga, Korosensei and Class E are repairing the class together, while in the anime the repairs are handled by the Ministry of Defense.
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