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Fourteenth Period: Secret Identity Time
Episode 36
Episode Information
Kanji 正体の時間
Romaji Shōtai no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 128
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Chapter 131
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Previous Episode Episode 35
Next Episode Episode 37
Air Date
Japanese April 7, 2016
Theme Music
Ending Kaketa Tsuki

Secret Identity Time is the thirty-sixth episode of the Assassination Classroomanime and the fourteenth episode of Season 2. It first premiered in Japan on April 7, 2016.


As the end of the second semester draws near, Kaede Kayano launches a surprise attack on Korosensei using tentacles she had implanted in herself for the whole year and intends to kill him for the murder of her elder sister Aguri Yukimura, the former teacher of Class 3-E. As the class tries to deal with the sudden revelation, Kayano thinks back to how she planned her revenge before challenging Korosensei to a fight that may cost her life.


After the school play, the class discusses their success. Sugino is worried that his performance as the lecherous husband has been too perfect and believes that Kanzaki will be scared of him despite everyone's else positive comments. Kanzaki, however, also positively comments that Sugino is considering switching from baseball to acting. Meanwhile, Kayano beckons Nagisa to the storage shed, where she accidentally spilled the contents all over the floor. The two start to clean up, soon joined by Korosensei, who notices their absence in the classroom.

All three reminisce about their past moments and successes, Kayano in particular. She soon pulls back her hair, and tentacles begin sprouting from the nape of her neck. Nagisa, whose back was turned until that moment, begins to be surprised as Kayano starts attacking an equally shocked Korosensei. Kayano blows the floor open, revealing a pitfall trap, musing that a simple trap was the most effective of all the plans and tactics used against their teacher. Korosensei plunges into a pool of anti-sensei BBs, unable to grip the walls as Kayano's tentacles predict every movement. Korosensei is forced to concentrate some energy to blast his way out of the pitfall trap, and Kayano instinctively recoils in defense, allowing him to escape back to the surface. The whole class rush outside following the commotion as the slightly bruised Nagisa emerges from the storage shed. Kayano follows afterward, slightly disappointed that she had underestimated her target, and the class immediately sees the change in appearance and personality. When Korosensei, still reeling from the surprise assault, asks what had happened to Kayano, she merely replies, wanting vengeance for his murder of her sister Aguri Yukimura. Kayano also states she will notify him of their next battle before departing with her tentacles.

At the same time, in an undisclosed location, Shiro discusses how surprised he had been to see an unexpected face the first time he arrived at Class 3-E. He soon investigated this student and discovered that Kayano was, in fact, Akari Yukimura in disguise and that she had somehow acquired information and a vial of the tentacle weapon she had planted into herself. Shiro further states that with her acting abilities, she is the most capable and qualified of her classmates to be an assassin. Meanwhile, the class is still in shock at Kayano's sudden turn. Mimura notes that she looked vaguely familiar to him and found that she was a prodigal child actress who took a temporary break from her profession. Nagisa himself muses how intelligent Kayano is, hiding her bloodlust by hanging around with Nagisa (the student with an equal amount of bloodlust) and not getting too close to everyone else. He also deduces that Kayano's pudding plan had been a dummy attempt to avoid any suspicion that she wasn't as active in the class's assassination plans. Itona claims that it would be impossible to grow those tentacles and maintain them without a hard training schedule, without excruciating pain. Isogai soon demands that Korosensei reveal his past and why Kayano accuses him of murdering their previous homeroom teacher Aguri. In light of Kayano's attack, Korosensei agrees to tell the class, but only when Kayano returns. He afterward receives a message from Kayano, challenging him at a park at 7pm.

As evening draws near, Kayano reflects on the past year and when she had last seen her sister alive at a cafe. While waiting to meet up with her sister, an explosion at her workplace occurred. Kayano easily made her way through the rubble to find a tentacled monster standing beside Aguri before leaving. Kayano sees her sister lifeless and a note saying that the perpetrator will be teaching at Kunugigaoka Junior High. She also took the vials without thinking and researched them. In preparation for her revenge, she transferred to Kunugigaoka on her first try and immediately destroyed Chairman Asano's laptop to get herself into Class 3-E. After changing her hairstyle, dyeing her hair green, and implanting the liquid into herself, she soon enters Class 3-E and meets Nagisa for the first time. Kayano decides she can hide among him and changes Nagisa's ponytail to the signature pigtails. Shiro soon interrupts the flashback, accusing her of not waiting for him to activate his plan. Kayano retorts that he abandoned Itona and that she prefers to work alone before departing. Shiro says she should not have acted so coldly to her big brother.

The class watches some of Kaede's TV shows on their phones, surprised by her acting ability. Nagasia wonders if they were friends or if he was a cover. He notes that her pudding plan was a ruse so the class wouldn't get suspicious. The class loved her, and it was all a performance on her part. The students begin to question why Kayano called Korosensei a murderer and if it involves his past. He is silent. They trust him and want him to be honest, thinking they deserve to know the truth. He is quiet, causing the students to threaten to quit. Korosensei yields and says that it is time that his past came to light. He says he will tell them on one condition: that they hear his big secret as a class and must find Kayano.

At 7pm, Korosensei and the class meet Kayano at the park. Korosensei explains that the tentacles are damaging her, and she must get them removed. They try to dissuade Kayano from fighting any further, but she refuses to listen and even claims that everything they went through the whole year had all been an act when Nagisa asked her. She continued to portray herself as fragile despite her bloodlust tempting her during the kidnappingTakaoka and the Reaper incidents. Kayano claims that Korosensei murdered her sister, and she used to brag about class 3-E. A flashback shows her teaching the class when Nakamura teases her. The students bring up their fond memories of her and doubt whether Korosensei killed her. Although warned that it is not worth sacrificing her life to kill their target, Kayano does not plan on dying, only killing her teacher, and begins attacking Korosensei. Itona sees that just fifteen seconds into the battle, Kayano's tentacles are already taking over her consciousness, and she will die if she does not stop. As Korosensei continues to defend himself, Kayano's subconsciousness begs him to help her.

Differences between Manga and Anime[]

  • When Kayano blows open the hole for Korosensei to a pitfall trap, the trap wall is purely soil. In the manga, the walls were covered by thin steel.
  • Nagisa had bruises and scratches and had to be carried out by Isogai after Kayano activated her trap. In the manga, he was unscathed and did not need anyone's support.
  • The class ground was shaken when Kayano made a hole for a pitfall trap, while in the manga, the ground was shaken when Korosensei dug his way out.
  • When Kayano first met Chairman Asano in his office, she instantly broke his laptop with a hidden baton. The manga instead has her breaking Asano's possessions with her own hands
    • Ono was in the office instead of another teacher in the manga.
  • When the class watches one of Kayano's TV shows, they view it through each of their cellphones. In the manga, they watch it through Ritsu's interface monitor.
  • When Aguri and Kayano talk about having the same genes, they are at a cafe. The manga depicts them discussing it while walking together.


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