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Seventeenth Period: Discord Time
Episode 39
Episode Information
Kanji 分裂の時間
Romaji Bunretsu no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 143
Chapter 144
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
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Previous Episode Episode 38
Next Episode Episode 40
Air Date
Japanese May 5, 2016
Theme Music
Opening Bye Bye YESTERDAY
Ending Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi

Discord Time is the thirty-ninth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the seventeenth episode of Season 2. It premiered in Japan on May 5, 2016.


When Nagisa proposes that they find a way to save Korosensei, the class becomes divided over the idea. As Nagisa and Karma's argument evolves into a physical scuffle, Korosensei suggests that the two sides settle the issue in a team deathmatch, capture-the-flag paintball game, where the opinion of the winning team will be the decider. Thus the Class 3-E civil war begins.


After calling the class together, Nagisa proposes that they find a way to save Korosensei from self-destructing. Although he admits that he does not know where to begin, Kurahashi is the first to support him, followed by Kataoka, Sugino, Hara, and Okano. As more classmates begin to voice their support, Nagisa feels relieved. Nakamura, however, voices her disagreement, citing the bond developed with their teacher as assassin and target is exactly why she believes Korosensei should be killed. Terasaka agrees with her and Yoshida asks what would happen if they ran out of time to save their teacher. Terasaka further asks whether Korosensei would indeed be happy with a half-baked ending.

While Nagisa struggles to come up with an answer, Karma accuses him of being too arrogant and wanting to quit the assassination despite having the best talent. In fact, he compares this as though a beautiful woman is telling her homely friends to quit looking for boyfriends. Nagisa’s modest answer though angers Karma, further accusing him of not understanding others’ feelings. Nagisa counters back that he is just being honest and lists the fun times they had with Korosensei. Karma states that it was precisely why their teacher made their class fun so that they would not turn out to be “lazy losers” and the classroom would not have existed if there was no bloodlust. But Karma goes too far when he insults Nagisa’s short stature, triggering a look in the latter's eye that prompts Karma to go on the offensive. He challenges Nagisa to fight him if he wants to say something and starts shoving him. When Karma grabs his tie, Nagisa catches him in a flying triangular chokehold onto the ground, to the surprise of the classmates. Karma quickly recovers and is about to punch Nagisa until Sugino, Isogai, and Maehara break up the scuffle.

Korosensei then appears to mediate the situation. He brings out paintballs, guns and colored knives and requests that the class resolves the issue in a team deathmatch between those who want to kill and others wanting to save. The winning side’s opinion becomes the class’s opinion. He adds that regardless of who wins, he does not wish to end their class in a state of discord. At Isogai’s urging, the class agrees. At their teacher’s condition, the students clearly state their reasons for choosing their side.

Blue Team Red Team
Nagisa Shiota Karma Akabane
Yuma Isogai Rio Nakamura
Kaede Kayano Ryoma Terasaka
Kotaro Takebayashi Itona Horibe
Megu Kataoka Kirara Hazama
Manami Okuda Ryunosuke Chiba
Toka Yada Rinka Hayami
Hiroto Maehara Taisei Yoshida
Hinano Kurahashi Sosuke Sugaya
Yukiko Kanzaki Masayoshi Kimura
Sumire Hara Takuya Muramatsu
Tomohito Sugino Koki Mimura
Yuzuki Fuwa Hinata Okano
N/A Taiga Okajima

Despite her programming, Ritsu decides to remain neutral. With the students having picked their sides, Nagisa and Karma pick their weapons simultaneously. The two look at each other before quickly turning away. Kayano and Sugino watch on as they discuss the peculiarities of their friendship.

Karasuma acts as the referee for the match and states the rules and victory conditions, though he is still harboring doubts about the near future of the class regardless of the outcome. The match begins.

Kataoka and Takebayashi are eliminated by Chiba and Hayami respectively right after the game started. Irina marvels at how their teachings have taught the kids to be monsters but Korosensei adds that others have yet to unleash their true potential.

Case in point, Chiba and his guard and spotter, Okajima, are snuck up on and eliminated from behind by Kanzaki, thanks to her gaming experience on the virtual battlefield. She heads for the red team’s flag, and eliminated Sugaya along the way, but is then ambushed by Karma, lying in wait for her. Since the red flag is the only key point on their side, it is obvious for Karma to predict her movements before eliminating her. Karma then calls the red team to follow his orders. He instructs Mimura (with his keen eyesight) to head to a position near Karasuma and act as a recon scout, while Terasaka, Muramatsu, and Yoshida will defend at a key choke point.

As the first casualties join up with Korosensei and Irina, they discuss how Karma kept his leadership skills a secret until now. With Mimura in position, he spots a blue squad of Sugino and Fuwa flanking on the forest right. Karma instructs Hazama to advance. She does so and eliminates Sugino and Fuwa from behind. Isogai, and Yada (accompanying them), eliminates Hazama in return, where the latter just realized she was a sacrificial pawn. Korosensei comments on this while Takebayashi observes that despite Hazama’s poor battle skills, she took out two enemies, one of them being Sugino as a formidable CQC specialist.

Okano follows up and ambushes Kayano and Kurahashi. Okano eliminates Kurahashi with a knife slash and tries to eliminate the accompanying Kayano but is surprised by Kayano’s quick movements, which she attributes to the stunt training in her acting job but unable to use as she was focusing on her tentacles. Kayano leaps off a hill with a hidden pistol, aiming it at Okano. However, she is shot and eliminated from behind by Kimura before she could fire. The pair help Kayano up and promise that they will strive forward together with Kayano before leaving. Kimura begins to get cocky and convinces Okano to kill Hara lying in wait. But they are caught in a net trap prepared by Hara and Maehara cheekily pokes Kimura and Okano (latter in the butt) to eliminate them. Karma watches this unfold in disappointment while Nakamura enters the battle to join up with Terasaka’s group. Okuda spots Mimura with her special glasses, prompting Isogai to snipe him and eliminate the leaker of their position. Hayami meanwhile snipes and eliminates the carefree Hara out of the game.

With both teams now halved in strength, Karma now begins to think about capturing the blue team’s flag. Having already taken out Kataoka and Takebayashi to deprive the enemy of strategic options, Karma had Hayami (guarded by Itona) positioned at a crucial spot that allows her to see their own flag and any intruders. Meanwhile, Isogai also recognizes that taking out Hayami is vital, as going around the battlefield means battling Terasaka’s group. When the eventual firefight between Isogai’s survivors, Hayami and Itona begin, Nakamura will use Terasaka and his friends as human meat shields as she heads for the blue team’s flag. The only disconcerting issue according to Karma is Nagisa’s whereabouts, as not even Mimura can locate him. Isogai then gives the order to attack Hayami and Itona. Hayami quickly takes out Okuda and then Isogai before Yada fires a lucky shot to eliminate Hayami. Yada, in turn, is eliminated by Itona while Maehara rushes in with a knife attack to eliminate Itona. Nakamura’s squad advances to the unguarded flag. But Nagisa unexpectedly appears from behind and wipes them out. Karma witness the unnatural ambush in astonishment, and the two friends look at each other once again as the episode ends.

Anime and manga differences[]

  • In their preparation in the manga, they have worn their gear unlike in the anime where they still wear their uniforms until later on.
  • The scene where Isogai allows Nagisa to act as he sees fit prior to the start of the battle is omitted.
  • When Hinano was dueling against Hinata (Hinano refers as Hina-Hina duel), Kayano was with Hinano. The manga depicted her being on her own without Kayano at her side before Hinata assassinates her as Kayano arrived to see Hinano was already defeated.
  • The duel between Kayano and Hinata Okano happened on the tree branches in the manga. The anime depicted their fight on the ground.
    • This is also the same when Hinata, with Masayoshi, was supposed to be jumping from one tree branch to another while the anime depicted them running on the ground as they are attempting to ambush Sumire.
  • When the match begins, Kataoka was supposed to receive a headshot from Chiba in the manga but in the anime, she was hit in the same spot where Hayami hits Takebayashi.
  • Yukiko Kanzaki used a G36 to assassinate Chiba, Okajima, and Sugaya in the manga. The anime depicted her using dual MP5Ks as her loadout.
  • The manga showed that Hazama was hit in the hand, whereas the anime depicted a headshot.


  • The opening also shows that the deadline to kill Korosensei was reduced from 86 days to 64 days.
  • Rio was the only one known to not use any weapon in the battle.



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