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Nineteenth Period: Outcome Time
Episode 41
Episode Information
Kanji 宇宙の時間
Romaji Uchū no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 150 (Second Half)
Chapter 151
Chapter 152
Chapter 153
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Previous Episode Episode 40
Next Episode Episode 42
Air Date
Japanese May 19, 2016
Theme Music
Opening Bye Bye YESTERDAY
Ending Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi

Outer Space Time is the forty first episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the nineteenth episode of Season 2. It premiered in Japan on May 19, 2016.


In finding a way to save their teacher, the class discover that research is being conducted on board the International Space Station. Korosensei and Ritsu guide the class in planting Nagisa and Karma on board a space shuttle, launching the pair to the ISS to retrieve the data.


During school hours, the class is researching information gathered in the space station pertaining to Korosensei. After Korosensei explains the method of delivery to a lab and will be unreachable because of the government's protection plan and Korosensei's lack of strength, the class is presented with the option of going into space to retrieve the data themselves.

With Isogai at the front of the classroom, he says the rocket will only hold two people so they must decide on who will go into the space shuttle, many of the boys hold their hands up, but after Korosensei brings up the dangers of going, most of them lower their hands. Itona announces that he wants to go anyway because he loves technology, but he calls attention to Nagisa and Karma, who he thinks should go instead. Karma disagrees at first because of the risks involved then suggests Terasaka and a dummy instead because they are expendable which annoys Terasaka. Kataoka says the boons of letting Nagisa and Karma go because of their abilities, followed up by Isogai agreeing and asking the class to save money to cover the expenses. After Isogai is done speaking, Terasaka orders Karma to not skip out and references the fight Nagisa and he had before to change each other's minds. Nagisa speaks, telling Karma how great it would be to go on a trip to outer space with your best friend, which changes Karma's mind.

At the space center island, Yada, Kurahashi, Karma, Kimura, and Nagisa jump over a fence onto the space center property, with the girls changing clothes, Karma and Nagisa sneaking through a tunnel, and Kimura heading into the control room. Now inside of the space center building, Kurahashi and Yada have finished changing entering the control room under the guise of being lost field trip students, distracting the workers from Kimura, who snuck in the back to allow Ritsu access to the computers, hacking them thus giving her the ability to control the network. Clearing the main obstacle in front of Nagisa and Karma, Nagisa asks Ritsu to help them with the above-ground infiltration, which she tracks their location and helps by disabling the security cameras for ten seconds in the area. After running underneath the space shuttle ground, the two enter the surface after a guard walks by and Ritsu moves the cameras. Nagisa and Karma go up an elevator and is greeted by Korosensei after running up the stairs, Korosensei confirms his inspection, with Ritsu looping the feed the inside cameras show the two head inside.

Outside of the space center on a grassy hill, the rest of the class watch the countdown till launch, Nagisa references the time where he and Karma went with Korosensei to the movies using Korosensei's flight. With the space ship launched Korosensei hitches a ride on the ship speaking to Nagisa, and giving him advice. After Nagisa commends Korosensei for his teaching, Korosensei detaches from the ship with Nagisa saying how they were faster than Korosensei.

With the shuttle having docked at the ISS, a member of the crew onboard unlocks the hatch finding that the dummies have disappeared, he is then apprehended by Karma and Nagisa who take him hostage using knives and a bomb. Nagisa and Karma greet the crew in English asking for them to talk outside with Karma backing him up. After being in the ISS dock, Nagisa explains to them their plan of collecting the data after telling them Korosensei is a part of the research, a member of the crew announces that they will not back down to junior high students, and they are aware of their occupations' hazards, so they tell the two to disarm themselves and release the hostage to speak better, another member asks how will they return back, which Nagisa explains a classmate calculated the return and Korosensei can help them. After the two explain themselves on the plot, the crew gives them the copied files in return for help unloading the resources, a montage of Karma and Nagisa helping and messing around plays with a voiceover of Nagisa plays of how the crew probably wanted the two to have fun. While the two look out a window, Karma says how it would be enough for Nagisa, and is revealed that Karma is not against saving Korosensei, but is wondering if Korosensei wants it. 

After validifying the files and copying, the two begin to take their leave. Karma throws the bomb to the space crew, which is actually wrapped up bean jelly, which disappoints them. They apologize and leave while the members speak about them. 

Finally departing, Karma plays on a handheld game console and Nagisa speaks to him about the experience. Ritsu tells Nagisa the safety of their return is mathematically guaranteed, and the ship is now her body and she now has readings on their welfare while inside, she rejoices at the connection and is delighted by the info gathered, including the emotion she felt.

The two descend with Korosensei following along accidentally burning himself on the ship, with parachutes deploying Korosensei speaks about the space crew, and he guides the ship with the class looking at them from the E-Class pool. They land nearby with the class welcoming the two back, in the background Karasuma and Irina stand with Karasuma beginning to scold the class, but is given an excuse by Korosensei. He claims that human test subjects give better data and Ritsu's data collected from the descent will give astronauts a better trajectory for future travels.

After the credits, the information is displayed on Ritsu's screen, Maehara states he cannot read it, Okuda steps in and reads it to the class, revealing the smaller the creature with tentacles the higher the risk, meaning the bigger the creature with tentacles is, the lower chance of explosion. There is also a drug that will cause the explosion rate to turn to less than 1 percent. Terasaka asks if they can make the drug and Okuda replies the drug is similar to the compound that turned Korosensei to a fluid. After the shock of the class is over, Kayano tells them the work they did to get to that point was long and speaks about her sister. Sugino calls attention to the fact they can stop Korosensei from destroying the Earth, and they would not need to kill him, causing the class to celebrate while Korosensei watches. Isogai asks the class about the assassination, and whether to call it off which Sugino is unsure of asking for further debate. Terasaka asks Nagisa about the plan because he brought attention to it, and Karasuma tells the class the government will not stop their plans with a monster on the loose. Nagisa ends with speaking about the bonds with assassination, the class, and Korosensei.

Differences between Manga and Anime[]

  • The election about who would going to space was conducted in the classroom, instead of the actual space station.
  • Yada, Kurahashi, Karma, Ritsu, Nagisa and Kimura are the only students to participate in the infiltration.
  • The class infiltrates the station around an hour before the launch instead of eight hours.
    • Additionally, the infiltration takes place during daylight hours instead of the night.


  • The space center is based on the real-life Tanegashima Space Center.
  • The reason why the space crew are disappointed by the bean jelly is that in real life eating beans can cause gas which could potentially damage the spacesuits.


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