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Twenty-Fifth Period: Future Time
Episode 47
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Manga Chapters Chapter 178 (second half)
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Japanese June 30, 2016
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Opening Bye Bye YESTERDAY
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Future Time is the forty-seventh and final episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. It premiered in Japan on June 30, 2016.


After the emotional assassination of Korosensei, Class 3-E attends the Kunugigaoka Junior High graduation ceremony to start their return to normal life. Seven years later most of the class reunite at the place where they hold treasured memories of their former teacher.


The morning after Korosensei's assassination, Karasuma assures Class 3-E that he will do everything he can to lessen the burden of the students, from gag orders to close scrutiny supervision. Kataoka requests that the class participate in the afternoon's school graduation ceremony, which Karasuma obliges. In appreciation for his and Irina's efforts, the class stand and bow in respect for them.

That afternoon, the class take part in the ceremony. When Nagisa accepts his diploma from Chairman Asano, the latter notes the confidence in Nagisa's eyes, no doubt due to the influence of his later teacher. Nagisa in turn advises Asano to take it a little easy on his future students. Afterwards, Nagisa spots his parents together, much to his surprise. His father tells him that one month before, Korosensei paid him a visit and told him how Nagisa preferred being called by his first name instead of his surname, to avoid any awkwardness should his parents ever get back together. In light of this and following Nagisa's lead, Hiromi is willing to restart their marriage, much to their son's tearful happiness. The media immediately starts to our in after the proceedings, inconsiderate of the class's need for privacy. However the Five Virtuosos shield Class 3-E from the prying journalists and escorted them to the departing bus. Gakushu Asano vows to Karma (the only student staying in Kunugigaoka) that he will find out everything he can about Korosensei, with Karma only wishing him good luck. The bus departs, Nagisa privately saying goodbye to the school, the classroom and Korosensei.

In the ensuring months, the public found out about the Class 3-E system. In light of the public opinion, the system was abolished, the mountain classroom was sealed off and Chairman Asano is sacked from the school board for allowing a dangerous assassination plot to brew involving his students. But considering his talents, many are sure that Asano will return to the education scene some day. Mori and Nagai (his first cram students) come to see him off. He along with his first cram students celebrate their new pathways of teaching, starting with their brand new education. The Japanese government handed out the 30 million yen bounty to Class 3-E as promised. But following Korosensei's teachings, each student bregrudginly set aside enough for themselves to pay for their living and education expenses, donated some to the Wakaba Park nursery and purchased the old campus. The rest was handed back to the government as a show of good faith, Isogai representing the class and Karasuma for the government. Over time, the crescent shaped moon began to deform, and gradually so will the students' memories.

At the Ministry of Defense, Karasuma assigns Irina, now his wife, to a mission in the Middle East. As she leaves to prepare, Karasuma notes that she has not changed in the last seven years, and wonders how the students are doing. At the mountain classroom, Kayano prays at the flowers she had just planted until the majority of the class arrive. They help in preserving and cleaning up the building and its surroundings (which they now own), while simultaneously chatting about the careers of their classmates. Okano and Kurahashi in particular are already using the mountain for acrobatics training and nature trips respectively. Okuda and Takebayashi are working in the same research lab working on making artificial blood using the notes in their guide books from Korosensei, while Sugino's pitching style is catching the eye of many coaches in his college years and scouted by some professional teams. Terasaka is working for a politician/professor while Yoshida, Muramatsu and Itona have taken over their family businesses. Ritsu has gone completely online as a free sprite but also willing to help out her former classmates. Hazama is now a librarian while Nakamura is currently in London, studying overseas. As for Karma, his intelligence enabled him to secure a job in the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry. While the class at the mountain building begin to mess around, Kayano reflects at how Korosensei has connected them all for the future ahead. Sumire then asks whether she and Nagisa have kept in touch. Kayano admits that they have not recently, reasoning that he always keeps his eye on his target.

Elsewhere Nagisa bemoans his situation. He lamented at the fact that he barely grew a centimetre in the past 7 years when everyone else grew taller, especially Karma who grew up to 185 cm in height. Despite being a teacher in training, he was assigned to a delinquent class. The students there make fun of Nagisa's short stature and androgynous appearance. As he timidly asks them to take their seats, one of the students threatens to kill him. In response to the word "kill", Nagisa instinctively uses the stun clap technique and strikes the student's neck with his middle finger. The students watch incredulously as Nagisa wishes him luck to do so until graduation. As Nagisa walks to the front, the student sees an image of Korosensei next to Nagisa, before he begins class.

Differences between anime and manga[]

  • Shiro's ultimate fate in the manga is omitted.
  • There are no government soldiers present to guard the students in the anime.


  • This episode's opening features a congratulations message on the blackboard instead of how many days until the deadline to kill Korosensei.


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