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Transfer Student Time
Episode 09
Episode Information
Kanji 転校生の時間
Romaji Tenkōsei no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
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Previous Episode Episode 8
Next Episode Episode 10
Air Date
Japanese March 13, 2015
English April 15, 2015 (Broadcast Dub)
October 24, 2020 (Toonami)
Theme Music
Opening Seishun Satsubatsuron
Ending Hello, shooting-star

Transfer Student Time (転校生の時間 Tenkōsei no Jikan) is the ninth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode is scheduled to air on March 13, 2015.


Class 3-E is getting a transfer student. However, this transfer student isn't human. It's an AI by the name of "Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery." Could this AI assassinate Korosensei?


After their first day back from their Kyoto school trip, Class 3-E learns of a foreign exchange student coming to their class. Taiga Okajima's picture on his mobile reveals that to be of a girl, but when Nagisa Shiota and Tomohito Sugino arrive, they find the girl is a computer instead, much to their shock and disappointment.

The computer AI introduces itself as the "Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery" to the class as they are briefed by a clearly irritated Tadaomi Karasuma. As the machine is technically a student, Korosensei is obligated to not harm it.

When class starts, Kaede Kayano and Nagisa question how the AI will assassinate Korosensei, seeing as there are no weapons in sight. However, the AI starts firing several guns at Korosensei, its spray of bullets forcing the students to duck for cover. Korosensei manages to dodge all the anti-sensei ammo and tells her about the no firearms in the class rule. The AI launches a second wave. The seemingly identical pattern gets Korosensei cocky enough to avoid everyone, but to everyone's amazement, one of Korosensei's tentacle fingers is destroyed.

Everyone marvels at the fact that the AI is capable of learning and evolving, revealing that there was a blind spot. The fixed artillery determines that the next few attacks have a tiny chance of killing Korsensei. However, it calculates that by graduation, the chances will increase to 90%. The AI continuously fires at Korosensei throughout the school day, effectively disrupting class and earning their annoyance at having to clean up after her numerous attempts.

The next day, the AI is taped up and unable to use her weapons. It accuses Korosensei of violating his agreement, but Ryoma Terasaka reveals himself to have taped her since it disrupted yesterday's class immensely, which the other students agreed to. That night, the fixed artillery tries to contact its master and the probability of assassinating Korosensei has reduced significantly due to its classmates' actions.

However, Korosensei talks with it, getting the AI to understand the students' motives for why they did it. While its actions prevented the students from learning, they also would not have benefited. If the AI did succeed in killing him, the huge reward money would go to its masters, benefiting the students in no way. Korosensei started upgrading the AI to foster better relations and teamwork with her classmates. The AI allows this, though questions how Korosensei's fetish for sweets could work to help this.

The following day, the class discovers the fixed artillery to have a completely new personality. Korosensei asks the class to treat her better as a friend after completing the upgrades (which almost made him broke). However, he did not modify its bloodlust. The AI steadily becomes more popular throughout the day from sneakily helping its classmates answer random questions (much to Korosensei's annoyance) to gossiping with the girls about manga and flowers. Korosensei is jealous of the attention she is getting and notes that they have the same personality type. He tries to steal her attention and fails.

Given the awkwardness of referring to the AI by its full name, the class decides to name it Ritsu, which it happily accepts. While the class certainly likes the new AI, Terasaka and Karma Akabane note that since it is a machine, it does not have free will, and its masters would certainly not allow it.

That night, the AI's masters arrive and are shocked by the number of changes made to Ritsu. They then begin reverting Ritsu back to its original programming throughout the night.

The next day, Karasuma notifies everyone of Ritsu's changes, stating any unauthorized upgrades and/or hindrances made on Ritsu will be treated as breaking the conditions imposed on Korosensei or punished by its creators.

As everyone nervously waits for Ritsu to commence her relentless attacks, the AI starts itself until it produces bunches of flowers from inside of it. The whole class is relieved when Ritsu reveals to have stored its new personality in one of her unmodified drives the night before it was worked on. Thereby defying her masters. When Ritsu asks if her newfound free will is part of a rebellious phase, Korosensei exclaims that it is just part of being a middle school student. Thus, Class E has a new ally in assassinating their teacher.

Meanwhile, Irina Jelavić approaches Karasuma with a face drawn on her cleavage. She tells him that adding a face can boost a girl's popularity. Karasuma claims that he does not know what to say.


Episode Notes[]

  • Ritsu debuts in this episode.

Differences between the Manga[]



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