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Grip (グリップ Gurippu) is one of three assassins hired by Akira Takaoka in Okinawa along with Smog and Gastro. He was defeated by Karma Akabane.


Grip is a foreigner with wavy platinum blond hair and light blue eyes. His hair reaches past his chin and is parted and wavy. He wears a white beaded necklace and is commonly seen in dark or black clothing.


Grip is a somewhat quiet man with a calm air about him. He's shown to be honorable and collected, but is not above threatening a person. He appears to take great pride in his strength as well. Grip also appears to be mildly eccentric as stated Gastro due to his use of "-nu" and the reasoning.



Inhuman Physical Strength: Grip boasts great physical strength, which he utilizes in his assassinations. This also allows him to conduct jobs in situations where it may not be possible to bring a weapon like a high-security area where guards pat down everyone. According to Karma, he possesses enough physical strength to crush a man's skull.

Combat Skills: Due to his line of work as an assassin, Grip rarely engages in hand-to-hand combat. When giving the chance, he is greatly skilled at fighting and doesn't hesitate to use underhand tactics in order to win in a fight.


  • He ends every line with "-nu" (-ぬ) because he feels it'll make him sound more like a samurai due to "-nu" being an archaic form "-nai" (-ない) when used in that manner.
    • In the official manga translation, this is localized by ending sentences with the phrases "would I not" and "will you not".
  • He was shown being marked by Karma twice for his pranks, first is he torture Grip after defeating him on the Hotel and second Karma was seen placing something spicy on Grip's Acorn Noodle bowl on School Autumn Festival.