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Hotaru (ホタル) is the young daughter of Azusa, who has been helping out as a waitress at Pub Azusa since her mother's eyesight deteriorated.


Hotaru is a short, small-framed girl with waist-length light-colored hair that is tied into a pair of ponytails and dark-colored eyes. Her overall appearance bears a striking resemblance to Nagisa Shiota's, which Korosensei has noted.


Hotaru is a kind and friendly girl, a trait admired by the pub's four regulars. Despite her cheerful personality, she is not afraid to risk her life for her loved ones, as shown when she drew a kitchen knife while declaring she would save her mother Azusa.[1]


When the loan shark Sengoku came for Azusa, he shoved her aside into the rack of bottles. When the four assassins arrived, Hotaru held out a knife, wanting to protect her mother. Korosensei praised her courage, but told her to that observing what the assassins would do was the better option. Once her mother was rescued, Hotaru tearfully reunited with her.


Azusa []

Her mother Azusa has a strong motherly love towards Hotaru. Hotaru considers her mother to be one of the closest individuals on her side, grabbing a kitchen knife and declaring she'd give it her all to say her.


  • (Hotaru, about Korosensei) "Apparently his main occupation is being a teacher, and I appear to resemble one of his students."
  • (Hotaru, about her mother Azusa) "She's the most important to me in the world!"


  • The name Hotaru means "firefly" (ホタル) in Katakana.


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