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Karasuma... Do you know what it really means... to kill somebody?[1]

— Irina talking to Tadaomi Karasuma

Irina Jelavić (イリーナ・イェラビッチ, Irīna Yerabitchi, Serbian: Ирина Јелавић) is the English teacher of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School and a professional hitwoman who is hired by the government to assassinate Korosensei.


Irina is a beautiful fair-skinned young woman with wavy hip-length blonde hair that is split in the middle, large light-blue eyes, long legs and a curvy figure that she often utilizes to seduce and manipulate her targets on the job.

She is usually seen wearing high-end brands and fashionable clothing which emphasize her flattering form. This often causes Tadaomi Karasuma to reprimand her for wearing "inappropriate" clothing for a teacher.


At first, Irina was shown to be a cruel, calculating and arrogant woman with little regard for the students of Class 3-E (earning her the nickname "Bitch-sensei"). Because of her high hit count and model-like appearance, she is a confident woman, experienced and has been described as giving off a mature, black widow vibe by her students because of such.

Although these are all traits she carries, in actuality once her cover has been completely shattered she is shown to be childish, and has a lack of social understanding. Underneath her confidence is insecurities she has carried with her since childhood and a surprisingly humble person who can be earnest. She is not the type that easily gives up and because of her young age, connects well with her students once she gets past her ego. It is because of these students that she shows a softer side, showing that she is not as hard-edged as she may come off.


Irina is of Serbian descent. After killing the militant who murdered her parents, she wandered in the ruins of her hometown until she was found and adopted by Olga and Lovro Brovski.

Eventually, Irina became a well-known hitwoman by the government.


First Semester

Debut appearance: Pro Time

Irina was first mentioned by Tadaomi Karasuma when he was on the phone with his boss. Karasuma was worried about the students as the Government wanted to bring in a real assassin.

She made her official debut in Chapter 8, appearing before Korosensei as a damsel in distress where some thugs were bothering her and Korosensei saved her. She thanked him and asked where Kunugigaoka Junior High School was and Korosensei took her there where she was introduced to the class as their new English teacher.

With her male accomplices, she sets a trap for Korosensei in the shed the next day. When Korosensei returns, she asks him for a more private intimate chat in the shed as the class continues their PE lesson. Once inside, she seduces Korosensei to great effect and hides away to supposedly change. At that moment, her accomplices open fire on Korosensei, the gunfire being heard for a short period of time. When the dust settled, Irina comes out of hiding, but sees her accomplices lying unconscious and a very much unharmed Korosensei standing before her. He berates her for using real bullets, which could possibly harm the students, instead of the Anti-Sensei rounds, and for how sloppy and easy her trap was to see coming as he could smell the gun oil and unknown masculine body odor from her accomplices.

Afterwards, Irina sits with the class again feeling humiliated and wanting revenge. Tired of coin and learning nothing, Yuma Isogai asks her if they could have Korosensei teach them instead. Irina however berates the class for prioritizing their desire to learn for a silly exam instead of saving the world from destruction, and that even if Korosensei is killed, their status as Class 3-E will prevent them from having a meaningful future. She instead proposes that they help her come up with a plan to kill Korosensei and share the reward between them until a student throws an eraser at the blackboard, telling her to "get out". Irina sees the deadly looks of the students before ducking for cover as the class riots for her "bitching".

In the study room, Irina complains to Karasuma of having to teach instead of killing. Karasuma takes her outside and sees Korosensei coming up with individual tests for the class. When she sees and listens how much Korosensei has given purpose to the lives of his students, she begins having second thoughts about them. In the next class, Irina starts giving an example of her assassination experiences, talking about how language plays an important role in any assassination. She also apologizes for being a bitch earlier, which the class accepts. However, they still call her Bitch-sensei, much to her chagrin.

Settling In

Irina makes minor appearances after that. When the whole school assembles, she joins in and attracts most of the male students' attention for her appearance, although she somewhat dampens this when she attempts to extract more information from Nagisa Shiota (nearly smothering him with her breasts) and trying to strike Korosensei. During the mid-terms arc, she reveals that she always made backup plans for assassinations should her original plan go wrong in the slightest at Korosensei's inquiry. At the time, Korosensei wanted the students to realize that they still need to plan ahead for the future should their teacher's assassination be successful and the reward money is claimed. At the school trip to Kyoto, she is berated by Tadaomi Karasuma for not dressing properly as a teacher, leaving her depressed and the students to comment that perhaps living the high life as an assassin made her out of touch of knowing a normal life. However, she socializes with the female students on the last night of the trip, which was ruined by a peeping and eavesdropping Korosensei.

Master and Student

Irina continues to settle down as a teacher, continuing to impart the knowledge of language and art of conversations to Class 3-E. After one such class ends, she is exhausted but still complains about Korosensei's fetish for her breasts. Leaving the staff room, she is suddenly strung up by an assailant. Freeing herself, her attacker reveals himself to be her mentor Lovro Brovski, a retired assassin known for training children to kill. He comes to take Irina off the mission, considering her to have compromised her undercover status in teaching the students and killing Korosensei. Irina begs to be allowed to stay until Korosensei intervenes. He proposes that the two attempt a mock assassination of Tadaomi Karasuma for Irina to prove her worth, which all individuals agree to.

Her first attempt was humiliatingly unsuccessful, with Karasuma and even the students knowing that the drink she was carrying for him was drugged. Knowing that Lovro could strike any time, she is surprised to witness him attempt a frontal assault on Karasuma in the staff room, though this too was unsuccessful. Karasuma also demands her to get serious if she wants to win, scaring her (and Korosensei) in the process. Irina does try again, this time luring him with the art of conversation and "to get this over with". She surprises him when she makes him lose his balance before pinning him down. Her attempt to stab him with a fake knife though is intercepted by Karasuma. Knowing that he would win if it came to a contest of strength, she requests him to relent with puppy dog eyes. While not at all impressed by this, he does so and gives her the win. The whole thing was seen by Lovro, who realizes how dedicated she is to her work as an assassin and teacher thanks to Korosensei. With this, Lovro allows Irina to stay, much to her joy and relief.

Assassination Island Arc

Irina plays a minor role during the Assassination Island arc where she does not actively participate in the class's training for their upcoming assassination attempt, only hastily joining in when her mentor Lovro Brovski arrives as a special instructor. On arrival at Okinawa, she is furious that no-one is at the island to witness her debut swimwear due to the class booking out the entire hotel. However, she reiterates to Tadaomi Karasuma that the students' plan is sure to fail, and that she will step in to do the deed at that moment.

While the class's plan does fail, an unknown third party has masterminded the poisoning of ten of the students. Irina joins the healthy students, Karasuma and an immobile Korosensei in infiltrating the mountaintop hotel where their new enemy is staying, Irina needing Karasuma to assist her due to being unable to climb the cliff face. Reaching the main lobby full of guards, Irina walks in acting tipsy and distracts the guards with her mesmerizing performance at the piano. This allows the rest of the class to slip by unnoticed, and appreciate their teacher's talents despite her bitchy behavior. After learning of their successful mission, she makes her own way back to the class' hotel.

Prior to leaving the island, the class notice Irina's attempt to seduce an ignorant Karasuma. They decide to help her act a little more mature and arrange a dinner date with Karasuma to better notice her. Irina appreciates the class's assistance but ruins the critical moment when she talks about her first kill with Karasuma. Flustered, she leaves the table and blames the class for her mistake.

Second Semester

The Reaper incident

During the lead-in, Irina is disappointed that Tadaomi Karasuma forgot her birthday and thus did not receive a present from him. The class keeps her company while simultaneously arranges for Karasuma to present her with a bouquet of flowers. However, when he admits that he considers their relationship to be purely professional and only because of their mission to kill Korosensei; Irina discovers the class's involvement and leaves the classroom- seeing that staying in the classroom will cause her skills and worth to deteriorate. She does not return for three days until, the man (who the students bought the flowers from) arrives at their classroom, revealing that he is the Reaper and has kidnapped Irina - holding her for ransom at a secluded warehouse.

The class conduct a rescue mission to save Irina. However, they discover it was too late as Irina had joined the Reaper and betrays them, taking out Meg Kataoka's rescue team single-handedly. When Korosensei and Karasuma arrive at the warehouse, Irina plays hostage and successfully baits Korosensei into a pitfall trap- dropping him in with the imprisoned students. Both the class and Karasuma are horrified to learn that Irina went along with the hit man's plan to kill Korosensei, despite knowing the students will be killed as well; Irina simply stating as long as her mission is complete. When Karasuma heads off to stop the Reaper, Irina stayed behind to watch the prisoners and told them why she switched sides. Regaining consciousness, she finds Karasuma rescuing her at the insistence of the students who have been sympathetic to her past. Karasuma tears a sleeve to wrap her broken arm, although she gets a nosebleed at the sight of his muscled body. Realizing that the students do indeed care about her and that the Reaper only used her as a pawn, she betrays him to allow Karasuma to gain the upper hand and witnesses the latter's victory. The majority of the class forgives Irina's betrayal though a few still wanted to dish some payback.After the incident, Irina rejoins the class faculty and reconsiders her stance in the class.

Later Appearances

As winter approaches, Irina has since appeared periodically in later arcs. When Korosensei holds a careers consultation, Irina arrives at the class with a more conservative, less revealing style. The students notice the sweater she recently bought still had the size label, which Nagisa Shiota removes without her noticing. When Nagisa's mother Hiromi Shiota is set to visit the school to request Nagisa be transferred back to the main campus, the class scramble to disguise Korosensei as Tadaomi Karasuma who was away on a business trip. Irina volunteers to be the teacher but under a mock interview session, her answers prove that she is still immature (almost causing Kataoka to stab her in anger).

During the school festival, Irina attracted the attention of the same delinquent students responsible for kidnapping Kaede Kayano and Yukiko Kanzaki at the school trip. She is seen to continually seduce them in coming back to the mountain classroom to help Class 3-E raise more money. At the end of the semester, she witnesses Kayano's true identity and her near-suicidal attempt on Korosensei's life. Although unable to come up with an idea to distract Kayano's bloodlust, she sees with some satisfaction Nagisa's seduction kiss on Kayano. Irina praises Nagisa's kiss, but comments that he still has a long way to go to match hers. She later listens to Korosensei talk about his past life as the original Reaper and how he was influenced to become a teacher while in captivity.

Final Semester

Irina observes the class to still be uncertain at the start of the final semester and advises the students to not let their emotions cloud their purpose. That afternoon, she arrives with Tadaomi Karasuma and Korosensei after a fight breaks out between Nagisa Shiota and Karma Akabane. Moreover, that some like Yukiko Kanzaki and Karma had been hiding their talons until this moment. Along with the rest of the eliminated students and Korosensei, she observes Nagisa winning the fight against Karma.

The class eventually regain their resolve to kill their teacher, but also have to prepare for their high school entrance exams. Unbeknownst to her, Korosensei conned the class into getting an unfashionable seven-three haircut by provoking them into saying any word synonymous with failure, and walked into the classroom unwittingly degrading the students and causing their bloodlust to rise. The result is that the students comically gang up on her and force her into receiving the same hairstyle.

On Valentines Day after school hours, Irina discusses with Karasuma about the students' futures. She worries that should they fail to kill Korosensei they'll consider themselves to be failures later in life. Karasuma disagrees and adds that Irina's concern for Class 3-E is unfitting for an assassin. Irina attacks him in provocation but Karasuma easily disarms her, and suggests that she work with the Ministry of Defense. While Irina argues that she does not have a place to stay or even a church to pray at, Karasuma essentially invites her to his place, causing Irina to blush. Since then, Irina has been completely enamored at the thought of being together with Karasuma.

Five days before the March deadline, the Japanese government activated their master plan and trapped Korosensei on the mountain classroom to be killed by their orbital weapon. Class 3-E were imprisoned for their 'safety'. On the night of the deadline (and the orbital weapon to fire), Irina arrived at the compound holding the students, putting on a happy act that embarrasses the students. To add more awkwardness, she kissed a few of the students before abruptly leaving. It turned out Irina smuggled in Kotaro Takebayashi's explosives as a means to escape and provided a route for the class to meet with her. When the students escaped, Irina wished them good luck before returning to Karasuma. Once more she asked whether the class will be okay and is reassured they will be provided they remember the basics of assassination.


After seven years have passed since the assassination of Korosensei, it is shown that Irina is now married to Tadaomi Karasuma and works with him in the Ministry of Defence. Her personality didn't change even after seven years of marriage.

In the Graduation Album, it's been mentioned that Irina and Karasuma have a daughter who's built a harem of boys in her kindergarten. It's also shown that they both accomplish missions together as a team.


  • Infiltration: As an infiltration assassin, Irina is considered second to none where she is able to charm/distract her way into her target's inner circles, penetrating the highest security and killing/trapping them when they are alone at point-blank range with little difficulty. Irina often has to adopt different personalities in order to infiltrate into the various situations her missions put her through.
  • Kiss of Death: From Olga, Irina has apparently gained the "Kiss of Death" technique, able to acquire several "Hits" off of others through indiscriminate French kisses. She has taught this technique to her students, the most notable being Nagisa Shiota.
  • Planning: After her seduction techniques, this is considered to be one of Irina's greatest talents as she can elaborate detailed plans completely on her own with backups for any complication that might arise, thus giving her targets little to no chance of survival.
  • Martial Arts Competence/Weaponry Master: Being an assassin, Irina shows considerable expertise with handling weapons such as firearms and melee weapons, apart of being able of setting up complex trigger traps when attempting to kill Korosensei. She also is shown to be skilled in martial arts, but since she is an assassin and not a combatant, she is severely under-skilled when compared to more prominent fighters in the series, such as Tadaomi Karasuma.
  • Musician: Irina has been shown to be able to play the piano at a concert-performer level with ease while still being able to draw people's attention through minuscule body movements.[2]
  • Multilingualism: Irina is extremely skilled in conversational abilities, being fluent in 10 different languages. Through these skills combined with her infiltration abilities, she is able to extract information from her targets.


Tadaomi Karasuma

Main article: Tadaomi Karasuma

At first, Irina had little interest in Tadaomi and found him a pain to deal with. Their relationship also started off on the wrong foot as her failed attempt in ending Korosensei's life and lack of interest in teaching the students nearly led to her early dismissal.

However, as time passed, their relationship turned more cordial as Irina took an genuine interest in the students' well-being, both physically and emotionally. Eventually, Irina was revealed to have genuinely fallen in love with Tadaomi Karasuma through her failed attempts at seducing him.

At the end of the series, she was seen being married to Karasuma (which now makes her Irina Karasuma), although most of their personalities remained unchanged. In the Graduation Album, it is shown that they now have a daughter and it's also been mentioned that Irina has failed to win the "never-ending nightly battle between husband and wife" for the last 7 years which frustrates her greatly.


Main article: Korosensei

Korosensei is Irina's target. Most of the time, Irina tries to attack Korosensei, who easily evades her attacks.

They seem to have a friendly relationship, even with Korosensei constantly making fun of her assassination attempts on him, and, especially, her love life.

Lovro Brovski

Main article: Lovro Brovski

Lovro is Irina's caretaker after she joined Lovro during her escape from Militant atrocities. Later he trained her to become a hitwoman by performing plenty of assassination tasks and infiltration which ultimately leads him to send her to Kunugigaoka Junior High School as an English Teacher.


Main article: Olga

Olga is Irina's former instructor whom she met along with Lovro Brovski after her escape from a town infested by militia. When Irina started goes with them, Olga taught every seduction manners to her while Lovro Brovski would provide the skills of assassination.

Toka Yada

Main article: Toka Yada

Out of all the Class 3-E students, Yada is Irina's favorite as she had been the most interested in learning the art of infiltration and negotiation from Irina, and sees them as her "second blade" in later life. As a result, she, along with Hinano Kurahashi, learned of Irina's past and was among the first to vouch for her in convincing Tadaomi Karasuma to save her life during the Reaper arc despite her earlier betrayal.

The class see Irina and Yada become a formidable pair at the school festival; Yada utilizing her negotiation skills to advertise and convince customers to travel the mountain path to their makeshift restaurant and Irina subtly seducing them to stay. Although taught how to seduce her target, Yada prefers not to use it as a means to get her desired outcomes.

Nagisa Shiota

Main article: Nagisa Shiota

Although initially it began with Irina's ruse to get information on Korosensei with a 'Kiss of Death "30 hits"' and timidity on the part of Nagisa, the two eventually become good allies with the good bonds of teacher and student.

On several occasions, Irina demonstrated some valuable techniques as an assassin to Nagisa and was surprised by Nagisa's hidden talents and bloodlust, the more notable examples being outsmarting a combat veteran such as Akira Takaoka in a fight and subduing Kaede Kayano with her own technique: the Kiss of Death.


  • The name Irina means "peace" in Greek, Russian.
  • Irina's married name Karasuma means "crow" (烏) (karasu) and "while, time, space, interval" (間) (ma).


  • (To the girls of Class 3-E) "You girls are lucky to have been born in a peaceful, safe country... you can take your time growing into womanhood."[3]
  • (To Class 3-E) "You don't know anything about me. I never expected to spend my life in the ordinary world! Hanging out with children who were like little brothers and sisters to me... worrying about falling in love... That just isn't me! I don't live in a bright and shiny world like that!"[4]
  • (To Class 3-E) "The most foolish way to try to assassinate someone is to let your emotions and desires get ahold of you. Do that and you place yourself below a wild animal. The second most foolish way is to kill your own feelings to assassinate your opponent."[5]


  • Karma Akabane is the first one to call Irina Bitch-sensei, which came from mispronouncing the vić in her surname Jelavić.
  • Irina identifies herself as a Christian
  • Popular opinion; she is pretty gorgeous.


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