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Jerome March is a supporting protagonist in the light novel of Korotan D. A young hotshot actor, he co-stars with Haruna Mase in a film shoot for a movie titled Gold City.


Jerome has a strong physical build, which has charmed many of his fans. He has short light hair with one half combed to the side, as well as a pair of light-colored eyes. Jerome wears a white button down shirt and dark-colored pants with a belt.


Jerome's most notable traits are his overconfidence and cocky attitude. He does not hesitate to show off whenever possible and voices disapproval toward his director if something does not go his way, such as when he complained about being unable to do his own stunts.

During film shoots, he frequently makes advances to his co-star Kayano and makes attempts to set up intimate situations between the two, but is rejected or dismissed in one way or another. Jerome also flirts with every girl in Class 3-E, but to his humiliation ends up being rejected by each one of them.[1]



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