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Kevin is the athletic friend of Gakushū Asano. He is a foreign exchange student who's native language is English recruited by Gakushu Asano to join his pole toppling team.


Kevin is a bulky framed individual with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. His appearance also shows he has a growing beard.

Personality []

Kevin is an individual who is confident in his capabilities and general beliefs. He is depicted as a stereotypical jock, taunting Class E's pole toppling team. Despite this, he also displays a caring side, as he defends Gakashu's leadership abilities to Principal Asano. 


Kevin is introduced in the bo-tashi (pole toplling) match between Class 3-E and Class A. Once the match starts, Kevin and other teammates is ordered by Gakushū to go on the offensive, running straight towards 3-E's defence. Kevin supposedly knocks Yoshida and Muramatsu out of the playing field.

After this, Kevin and his other teammates continue running toward 3-E's defence. As soon as he dives in, E Class jumps over him , dodges his dive, and imobilzes him by using the pole to weigh him down to the ground.

As the bo-tashi match goes on, Gakushū is stuck on giving orders to his comrades, including Kevin. This is criticized by Takebayashi because Kevin and his other teammates haven't been making any moves due to Gakushū no longer giving orders.

After 3-E ultimately wins the bo-tashi match, Kevin and the three other exchange students, along with Gakushū are sent to the principal's office. Kevin tries to defend Gakushū's leadership skills, as criticized by Gakuhō. In response, Gakuhō challenged Kevin and the other three exchange students to a battle. Gakuhō wins and Kevin and the other exchange students are heavily injured and bleeding. Gakuhō gives them a lecture about his experiences with defeat while Gakushū watches in horror.


  • (About Karma Akabane) "Hmm. Someone here actually speaks English."[1]
  • (To Gakuhō Asano about Gakushū Asano) "As his father, you should be telling him... "There are many things you can learn from defeat"."[2]


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