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Koro-Sensei Q!

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Kanji 殺せんせーQ!
Genre Comedy, Shounen, School, Supernatural
Created by Kizuku Watanabe (Story), Jou Aoto (Art)
Published by Saikyō Jump
Original Run Oct 2, 2015-October 4, 2019
Volumes 4

The Manga of Koro-Sensei Q! is written and illustrated by Jou Aoto and Kizuku Watanabe and was published in Japan by Shueisha in the magazine Saikyō Jump currently running since October 2, 2015 .

Koro-Sensei Q! (殺せんせーQ!) is a spin-off manga of the Assassination Classroom series featuring the original cast of the original manga. Unlike the original manga, the spin-off is set in an RPG world where Class 3-E attempt to get stronger but lack the necessary skills to fight. Thus, the ''Demon King'' decides to train them so the class can eventually surpass and kill him with his speed of '99999'.



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List of Volumes

# Japanese
Release date ISBN Covers
1 June 5, 2016 ISBN : 4-08-870596-3
Chapters list :

001. The Demon King and Class E (魔王とクラスE Maō to Kurasu E)
001.5. Side Story (1)
002. The Red Demon (赤い悪魔, Akai akuma)
002.5. Side Story (2)
003. The Seductive Witch (chapter) (誘惑の魔女, Yūwaku no majo )
003.5. Side Story (3)
004. The Ruins of Tribulation (試練の遺跡, Shiren no iseki)
005. Joint Training at the Main School Building

Pages: 98

Koro Sensei Q volume 1.jpg
2 March 3, 2017 ISBN : 4-08-881094-5
Chapters list :

006. The Evolved Mage (進化の魔術師, Shinka no majutsu-shi)
007. The Ice Paladin (アイスパラディン, Aisuparadin)
008. Lobos Casino (ロボスカジノ, Robosukajino)
009. The Silver Berserker (銀の狂戦士, Gin no kyōsenshi )
010. The Big Bad & The Pope
011. Playing Tag With The Pope
011.5 Extras

Pages: 176

Koro Sensei Q volume 2 .jpg
3 January 4, 2018 ISBN : 4-08-881334-0
Chapters list :

012. Best Dresser Contest
013. The Temple of Job Changes
014. The Maiden of Light
015. Legendary Ramen
016. Class E's Hotpot Party
017. Class E Skis
017.5 Extras

Pages: 176

Koro Sensei Q volume 3.jpg