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Koro Sensei's Drawing Song
Korosensei's Drawing Song
Japanese Title 殺せんせーの絵描き歌
Korosensei no ekaki uta
Volume 1
Chapter Extra
Pages 2
Release Date August 11, 2012
WSJ Issue Jump NEXT! Summer 2012
Episode S1E8
Next Chapter Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~

Koro Sensei's Drawing Song (殺せんせーの絵描き歌, Korosensei no ekaki uta) is an extra chapter of the Assassination Classroom manga originally published in the Summer 2012 issue of the Jump NEXT! magazine.


Koro Sensei sings of drawing his own smiling face on the earth, first by placing a bean in Tokyo, then another in China's Sichuan province. Then, before the vapor trail disappears, he sings of flying from Dubai to Hawaii, then back over the Philippines, and finally, between Dubai and Hawaii vertically at 25° intervals of longitude. He then tells the class to draw it for real, to which the class calls him off on his expectation.

He made up his own song to teach class 3-E how to draw his face using geographical locations. Here are the lyrics:

"First you take the planet Earth round and blue and green, And floating over Tokyo you drop a giant bean, put another one in Sichuan China What a sheen, Taking off from Dubai to Hawaii at Mach 20 leave contours as you fly double back across the southern hemisphere over the Philippines once again to old Dubai , and then back to Hawaii drawing lines of latitude every 25 degrees along the way, and there you have it Koro se-ensei."

This masterpiece is performed in episode 43.

Characters in order of appearance[]

  1. Korosensei
  2. Class 3-E


  • This chapter serves as the inspiration for Korosensei's Victory Burst attack in J-Stars Victory Vs.


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