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Korotan A
Volume 1
Volume Information
Kanji 殺たんA
Romaji Korotan A
Pages 266
Cover Emotion Happy
Japanese August 4, 2014
001. Prologue

002. Basics 1 - Spelling Mistakes of Monday
003. Basics 2 - Break Time of Tuesday
004. Basics 3 - The Bet on Wednesday
005. Medium 1 - Teachers Enthusiastic on Thursday
006. Medium 2 - Extra Lessons on Friday
007. Advanced 1 - At the Maid Cafe on Saturday
008.Advanced 2 - How to Spend Sunday
009.Advanced 3 - Monday, Concluding the Week

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Korotan A (殺たん A, Korotan A) is the first volume of the Assassination Classroom: Korotan books. The Korotan books are largely an educational resource for Japanese people to learn the English language. The book also contains a light novel featuring the characters from Class E. The educational content is supposed to reflect the textbooks Korosensei hands out during the light novel. Special lessons involving English phrases, taught by members of Class E, are also included.

Light Novel Summary[]

The plot focuses on Nagisa and Terasaka, who have both scored poorly on their English spelling recently. Korosensei decides to help them by gifting them both a vocabulary textbook named Korotan, so that they can prepare for a special test the following week. Terasaka ends up making a bet with Korosensei, so that he is allowed one free stab if he and Nagisa score full marks on their test.


  1. Prologue
  2. Basics 1 - Spelling Mistakes of Monday
  3. Basics 2 - Break Time of Tuesday
  4. Basics 3 - The Bet on Wednesday
  5. Medium 1 - Teachers Enthusiastic on Thursday
  6. Medium 2 - Extra Lessons on Friday
  7. Advanced 1 - At the Maid Café on Saturday
  8. Advanced 2 - How to Spend Sunday
  9. Advanced 3 - Monday, Concluding the Week


The short prologue explains that Nagisa Shiota has received his English homework back. Although his essay was praised, the received four x's due to spelling mistakes.

Basics 1 - Spelling Mistakes of Monday[]

Light novel[]

The chapter begins with Isogai asking if Maehara is coming to Karasuma Sensei's after-school training session. Maehara responds that he's skipping it due to having a date, and Isogai warns him not to get into trouble. When he leaves, Isogai complains to Nagisa, who is the only other person left in the classroom. Noticing a hesitant response, Isogai asks Nagisa what's wrong, who brushes him off.

Once Isogai leaves, Nagisa sighs in disappointment at his poor English grades, where he made four spelling mistakes. Overhearing him from the staff room, Korosensei flies in and questions him. Realising he's discouraged, Korosensei suggests focusing on English vocabulary for the week, and hands him a handbook titled "Korotan". He explains that he created the textbook himself to supplement Class E's vocabulary. He instructs Nagisa to learn it because of a test the following week. When he flies away again, Nagisa rushes to attend Karasuma's training session outside.

Separately, Terasaka, Yoshida, and Muramatsu are making their way down the mountain. Terasaka complains about his grades, though Yoshida and Muramatsu suggest he takes up Korosensei's supplementary lessons. Having overheard the conversation, Korosensei appears in front of them. He gifts Terasaka his own copy of Korotan to study from.

Educational content[]

  1. Instructions on how to use the book.
  2. Vocabulary list of basic nouns
  3. Diagram of vocabulary for body parts
  4. Karma's special lesson
  5. Okajima's special lesson

Karma's special lesson[]

Karma's special lesson is called Provocative English. He explains these phrases are for provoking your opponents.

  • You wanna go?
  • You're so desperate!
  • Why so serious?
  • You thought you could beat me?
  • Just kidding. I was just teasing you.
  • There is no use talking to you.
  • C'mon, get to the point.
  • Yeah yeah, my bad, whatever.
  • You fooooool!!

Okajima's special lesson[]

Okajima's special lesson is called English That Sounds Erotic. He explains that there are many words and phrases in English that can sound sexual in Japanese. In each case, he ranks them on a scale of one to five.

  • Monday - two stars [sounds like MON day, an erotic magazine]
  • Body soap - three stars
  • Virgin oil - three stars
  • Pie - four stars
  • Cup noodle - five stars
  • Back attack - five stars

Basics 2 - Break Time of Tuesday[]

Light novel[]

Nakamura sees Nagisa using his korotan book and asks what it is. Nagisa complains about the vocabulary being a punishment, but Nakamura points out that it's really well organised. In order to tease Nagisa, she pretends the word "transvestism" is on the list. Overhearing the teasing, Kayano joins them. She chooses the word "male" to test his spelling. Next, she asks him what 'masculine' would be in English, though Nagisa can't answer. Kayano and Nakamura get into a light-hearted wrestling match.

Korosensei approaches them and Kayano suggests a game where they'll pick a random word from the list to 'predict his future'. Nakamura chooses the word "dirty" and they tease him for being perverted.

Educational content[]

  1. Vocabulary list of basic adjectives
  2. Vocabulary for family
  3. Vocabulary for time
  4. Bitch Sensei's special lesson
  5. Nakamura's special lesson
  6. Isogai's special lesson

Bitch Sensei's special lesson[]

Bitch Sensei's special lesson is called Persuasion Course. She lists phrases to use when seducing a foreigner.

  • You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • I can't take my eyes off you.
  • I never thought I could get such a feeling.
  • I got bored just being your friend. Please be my girl (my boy).
  • I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by you...
  • This isn't coincidence, we were born to meet.
  • I'd like to be with you just a little more.
  • The first thing I want to see in the morning is your face.
  • Tell me my faults, and I'll fix them all.
  • The longer I stare, the more beautiful you become.
  • You look like a piece of art.

Nakamura's special lesson[]

Nakamura's special lesson is called English to Take Down Men. The phrases are a response to Bitch Sensei's, phrases for girls to use to easily seduce boys.

  • Aren't you thirsty? Here you go. Oh!? So now we just kissed indirectly.
  • We can be together all day long.
  • I just wanted to hear your voice.
  • Can I fall in love with you?
  • I have never met anyone like you.

Isogai's special lesson[]

Isogai's special lesson is called English Vocabulary Killer. He focuses on how to use similar sounding Japanese words to remember by making puns. For example, he uses "debt" which sounds like "debu" ('fat' in Japanese).

Basics 3 - The Bet on Wednesday[]

Light novel[]

Muramatsu and Yoshida question if Terasaka is preparing for the test he and Nagisa have to take. They suggest making a bet with Korosensei to help motivate him. Terasaka takes their advice, and approaches Korosensei, who agrees to the idea. Terasaka requests Korosensei to stand still for one second, during which he can try and assassinate him, if he gets full marks on the test. Korosensei agrees to these terms with the condition that Nagisa also has to score full marks.

Karasuma interrupts them, having overhead the conversation, and warns Terasaka that he's being conned. When he once made a similar bet, Korosensei had secretly worn body armour. Korosensei is forced to promise Terasaka he won't pull the same trick.

Educational content[]

  1. Vocabulary list of basic verbs
  2. Sports and colours
  3. Takebayashi's special lesson
  4. Ritsu's special lesson

Takebayashi's special lesson[]

Takebayashi's special lesson is called Maid Café English Conversation. It details several questions and answers you might hear at a maid café.

Ritsu's special lesson[]

Ritsu's special lesson is called English Greetings. She compares phrases a regular teacher might say during homeroom with the assassination related phrases Korosensei uses.

Medium 1 - Teachers Enthusiastic on Thursday[]

Light novel[]

Nagisa stares at Bitch Sensei as she plays the piano. Noticing him, and Terasaka who's by his side, she calls them in. She explains that she asked them to come see her so she could help them with their English text. She resumes playing the piano, and explains that music is a helpful way to remember. She makes Nagisa and Terasaka sing lyrics as she plays, though they don't understand the song. Terasaka complains when he realises it's an irrelevant love song, though Nagisa points out he seemed to be having fun.

On their way out, they bump into Karasuma and Maehara, who are practicing combat. During the fight, Karasuma teaches him the name of some of the moves in English.

Educational content[]

  1. Vocabulary list of adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions
  2. Nagisa's special lesson

Nagisa's special lesson[]

Nagisa's special lesson is called Easy English Vocabulary Mistakes. He lists several errors a Japanese student might make due to similar sounding words, or Japanese words that originated from English but hold entirely different meanings.

Medium 2 - Extra Lessons on Friday[]

Light novel[]

Korosensei takes Nagisa and Terasaka to the USA during lunch break so they can practise their English. Terasaka tries to attack him with his stun gun whilst they fly over the sea, but Korosensei chides him. They land in a diner somewhere in Los Angeles. Terasaka and Nagisa both order a burger, though Nagisa gets too nervous to order properly and just points at the menu. Korosensei becomes too distracted staring at the waitress' chest to order.

Once she leaves, Terasaka repeatedly uses the English word "tits", which Korosensei chides him for. The waitress comes over with an angry looking man, and Nagisa guesses they thought Terasaka was calling her "bitch with big tits". Korosensei attempts to diffuse the situation, but ends up making the man angrier instead, so they have to run away. Korosensei suggests going to McDonald's instead.

Educational content[]

  1. Kayano's special lesson
  2. Gakushu Asano's special lesson

Kayano's special lesson[]

Kayano's special lesson is called Sweets English Vocabulary. It contains the names of sweet ingredients, followed by a 'sweets shop world map', showcasing sweets in different countries.

Gakushu Asano's special lesson[]

Gakushu Asano's special lesson is called Quotes For Emperors.

  • A leader is a dealer in hope.
  • Don't halloo till you are out of the wood.
  • Whatever you do, do with all your might.

Advanced 1 - At the Maid Café on Saturday[]

Light novel[]

Nagisa greets Terasaka on his way out of the class building and asks if he wants to study together. Terasaka refuses, saying that he has things to do and that Nagisa should work it out on his own. Kayano catches Nagisa following Terasaka across the courtyard, and they catch him speaking to Takebayashi. Together, they decide to follow them.

Nagisa and Kayano trail them all the way to the station, and get on the same train. At the last minute, Karma joins them and asks what they're doing. He explains he decided to join them so they'd be protected. Continuing to follow them off the train, they realise Terasaka and Takebayashi have entered a maid café. Nagisa and Karma enter, with Kayano following apprehensively. Nagisa and Kayano are instantly fawned over by the maids, before being led over to a table.

They can't see Terasaka and Takebayashi at first, so the maid comes over to take their order. In the process, Nagisa is embarrassed at being addressed as "master". Kayano spots the pair sitting towards the back. When they confront them, Terasaka is annoyed, wanting Nagisa to leave him alone. They sit down with them anyway and play a game of 'moe scrabble' in order to practise their English spelling. Korosensei flies in and joins them, but notices Nagisa misspelt the word "maid". As a result, he makes them play a punishment game, which Nagisa chooses to be cake Russian Roulette. Terasaka looses and gets the spicy cake. He tries to eat Korosensei's ice cream to ease the spice, but it turns out Karma had also spiked it with hot peppers.

Educational content[]

  1. Korosensei's special lesson
  2. Sugino's special lesson

Korosensei's special lesson[]

Korosensei's special lesson is called Travel Routes. It focuses on words about directions and locations.

Sugino's special lesson[]

Sugino's special lesson is called Misheard English. It lists several Japanese phrases that sound similar to English phrases with different meanings.

Advanced 2 - How to Spend Sunday[]

Light novel[]

Nagisa goes to watch one of Sugino's local baseball games. Sugino's team is losing when he arrives, so he shouts some encouragement. Sugino starts performing better when he hears it. Korosensei, who also turned up to watch, joins Nagisa in cheering. Nagisa asks what Korosensei usually does on weekends, since he's watching the game. Korosensei responds that he flies all over the world, though Nagisa comments that it's probably to look at women in bikinis.

Nagisa explains that he also came to study, because Karasuma taught him that many sports related words originated in English. Korosensei decides to quiz him by asking Nagisa to define synonyms of sports terminology. Nagisa tries to think about collecting on the stabbing bet for motivation, though Korosensei reminds him that relaxing is also important. Nagisa asks for a piece of gum, and Korosensei tries to charge him for it. At the same time, Sugino strikes the batter out.

Educational content[]

  1. Kurahashi's special lesson
  2. Karasuma Sensei's special lesson

Kurahashi's special lesson[]

Kurahashi's special lesson is called Animal Names.

Karasuma Sensei's special lesson[]

Karasuma's special lesson is called Assassination English Vocabulary. It focuses on a number of assassin related phrases.

  • Covert infiltration
  • Restraint
  • Concealing of evidence
  • Sniping
  • Combat techniques
  • Poisoning

Advanced 3 - Monday, Concluding the Week[]

Light novel[]

At the end of the final period, Korosensei begins to grade Nagisa and Terasaka's English tests. They both received full marks, entitling them to an assassination attempt. Korosensei tries to run away, but he's cornered by the pair. They direct him to stand against the blackboard, and Terasaka attempts his stab. However, Karma observes that Korosensei is protecting his vital organs with a binder, and calls him out on it. When the class demands on searching him, he pulls a number of items from under his shirt.

Terasaka lands a clean stab in Korosensei's face, which melts around the knife. This doesn't actually injure him much, but the class remark that he looks weird, causing Korosensei to cry. Ultimately, Terasaka and Nagisa are grateful for his help learning English.

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