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Entrance Exams Time
Japanese Title 入学試験の時間
Nyūgaku shiken no jikan
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 1
Previous Chapter N/A
Next Chapter Graduation Trip Time

Entrance Exams Time (入学試験の時間, Nyūgaku shiken no jikan) is the first chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


Nagisa and some other students from Class 3-E were supposed to go take their university entrance exams, but their plans were cut short due to heavy snowfall. Karma, who managed to take his exam, invites his friend over to a family restaurant and added that they meet in three hours. While waiting inside the specified location, Nagisa looks in envy as Karma enters the restaurant with an impressive height of 185 centimeters (6'1"), having grown an striking 10 centimeters (4") since their days in middle school. Noticing his friend's gaze, Karma teases Nagisa on his short height.

After a brief discussion about the entrance exams, Karma reveals that he intends to take everyone who was in Class 3-E on a graduation trip, as a way to spend time with each other before they are unable to. Unfortunately, Nagisa notes that Kayano was in a film shoot for a movie titled Gold City. Surprised, Karma exclaims that Gold City was directed by the same person who directed Sonic Ninja - a series the two enjoyed back in middle school. Upon being asked if he still kept in touch with Kayano, Nagisa replies he merely just texts her, so as not to get in the way of her career. At that moment, Karma (with a devilish smile on his face) suggests they go to where Kayano's film shoot was, explaining that if they do meet her, it would just be a mere "coincidence". The plan is sent to the rest of the class via texting, and they all agree to come.

Intending to surprise Kayano, Karma, still with his demonic smile, leaves the restaurant telling Nagisa to keep it a secret. Still flustered, Nagisa remained in the restaurant for a brief period of time.

Characters in order of appearance[]

  1. Nagisa Shiota
  2. Karma Akabane
  3. Yuma Isogai (mentioned)
  4. Hinano Kurahashi (mentioned)
  5. Tōka Yada (mentioned)
  6. Taiga Okajima (mentioned)
  7. Kōtarō Takebayashi
  8. Taisei Yoshida (mentioned)
  9. Itona Horibe (mentioned)
  10. Rio Nakamura (metioned)
  11. Kaede Kayano (mentioned)