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Graduation Trip Time
KorotanD Chapter2
Japanese Title 卒業旅行の時間
Sotsugyō ryokō no jikan
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 2
Previous Chapter Entrance Exams Time
Next Chapter Filming Time

Graduation Trip Time (卒業旅行の時間, Sotsugyō ryokō no jikan) is the second chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


The former students of Class 3-E meet up and greet one another before boarding the plane. Some traits the students had during their days in junior high were still shown at the present day: Sugino still had a crush on Kanzaki, Okajima still maintained his lecherous attitude, and the hostility between Karma and Terasaka still remained.

The group soon finds out the film Kayano is shooting is based on a novel titled "Gold City", where a hero who lusts for riches helps a Japanese girl, and thinking she is infatuated with him, subsequently protects a Buddha statue from brigands for her sake. Thinking the filming site was taking place in a temple-like setting, everyone is given a handbook of possible filming locations by Nagisa. Takebayashi volunteers to find the specific temple the filming was taking place by comparing the backgrounds of the photos and promotional pictures Ritsu found (the gang discovers the film stars a young movie star named Jerome March). Using this method, he manages to find a temple in Nagisa's handbook that had a high chance of being the filming location. Ecstatic, the former class readies themselves for the upcoming trip.

At the filming location, Jerome (as the hero) and Kayano (as Rin, the Japanese girl) begin acting a scene when they are cut by the director, who scolds Jerome for adding redundant ad-libs to his lines. As Kayano takes shelter from the sweltering heat under a tree, she thinks about her time in middle school; to her astonishment, Class 3-E had arrived to see her performance, admiring both Kayano and Jerome, before filming started again. The two actors were scripted to kiss, but Kayano turned her face away not once, but multiple times before the scene was postponed.

Lunch break arrives, and the group shows up to compliment Kayano on her English skills. Muramatsu however, inquires into her nervousness during the kiss scene, unsettling the young actress. Karma further flusters her by mentioning Nagisa, thus dying her face bright red. Upon being asked by Yada if an international filming project was harder to produce than a standard Japanese film, Kayano explains the language barrier between the staff makes it difficult for the script writer. She then hears an argument coming from the film location, and makes her way toward it.

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