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Filming Time
KorotanD Chapter 3
Japanese Title 撮影の時間
Satsuei no jikan
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 3
Previous Chapter Graduation Trip Time
Next Chapter Temptation Time

Filming Time (撮影の時間, Satsuei no jikan) is the third chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


The argument that got Kayano's attention was between the line producer and the director, both of whom were disputing over the constant delays in producing the film. Finally, the producer snaps, and subsequently quits. This decision sent the entire crew into panic, comparing the loss of the line producer to losing all of their limbs. Karma then proposes that the class act as intermediate staff by using the various taught to them at middle school. The director accepts the offer and each of them take a role suited to them. At the same time, Chiba, Hayami and Hara admire the architecture of the temple.

Jerome March was busy filming shots of him running, but his movements were too much for stationary camera work. Once the director requested the cameraman be attached to a wire, Okajima volunteered to fill the role. Able to keep up with Jerome's movement, Okajima delivered excellent results for the director. Starting with Okajima's success, the class eventually earned the trust of everyone else involved with the film.

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