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Temptation Time
KorotanD Chapter4
Japanese Title 誘惑の時間
Yūwaku no jikan
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 4
Previous Chapter Filming Time
Next Chapter Thief Time

Temptation Time (誘惑の時間, Yūwaku no jikan) is the fourth chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


As Kayano was rereading the movie script, Jerome March casually asked if they could spend some time in his trailer, to which she kindly objected. Undeterred, Jerome further insisted they do, justifying that their acting will result in becoming more realistic. Kayano rejected the offer once again and saw Yada and Kanzaki, who were checking on props. Jerome then focuses his attention on the latter girls and asks if they can accompany him and Kayano. Put off from his earlier conversation with Kayano, Yada rejects his invitation, to which he reacted with disdain. While looking for someone else, he then comes across Okuda and flirts with her. At that moment however, Karma appears behind Jerome to confront him and puts his hand on the actor's shoulder. After glaring at each other for a brief period, Karma disengages from further confrontation and escorts Okuda away. He then reveals to Okuda that he had put a special film laced with durian on Jerome's shoulder to give him a stenchy odor. Eventually, all the girls shared a distaste for Jerome's casual behavior, comparing it to Maehara's playboy attitude. The latter openly disagreed, only to receive 540 kicks to the face by Okano.

A defeated Jerome noticed a well-built stuntman named Rawan working out with melee attacks. Rawan was casted as Jerome's stunt double to create better fight scenes as he was better trained in martial arts, something Jerome was dissatisfied with. Jerome then challenged Rawan to a fight. After provoking Rawan by mocking his punches, the stuntman unleashed a high kick, stopping only three centimeters away from his face and scaring away Jerome. Terasaka, who witnessed it all, noted the stuntman's proficient combat skill.

Filming ends, and Kayano makes her way to her trailer, only to come across Jerome again. Jerome started flirting with her once more when director budged in, and openly suggests that he, Jerome and Kayano go out to eat. Kayano turned down the offer, explaining she wanted to go meet her friends from middle school. Acknowledging the value of her connections with her classmates, the director decides that just he and Jerome would eat out instead and dragged him away. Kayano and the rest of the class then boarded a number of tuk tuks arranged by Terasaka.

Sitting with Karma, Nagisa and Okuda, Kayano enjoyed the breeze. Karma then asks if Nagisa was worried about Kayano working with Jerome, to which replied that she wouldn't be hindered by his actions. Although happy to hear his words of encouragement, Kayano had a disappointed expression on her face. Karma notices this and in his mind, notes Nagisa's denseness.

The class then boarded a pleasure boat and admired the large cuisine. After a performance by sexy dancers, slow music began to play, prompting couples on the boat to dance. Maehara and Okano start dancing, and quickly gain the admiration of the class. Kayano invites Nagisa to with her, which he accepts. Nagisa tried to mimic the movements of the people around him, and Kayano moved her body to match Nagisa's, with a feeling of elation.

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