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Thief Time
KorotanD Chapter5
Japanese Title 泥棒の時間
Dorobō no jikan
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 5
Previous Chapter Temptation Time
Next Chapter Right Beside Each Other Time

Thief Time (泥棒の時間, Dorobō no jikan) is the fifth chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


Terasaka notices a group of people carrying a metal case making their way to meet the director. Upon revealing the contents of the case, the nearby film crew and the director are struck in awe, as the object inside was a genuine Buddha statue; it would then be used as a prop for the scene they were about to shoot.

Kayano, as Rin and Jerome, as the protagonist act out the scene as if they were impressed by the discovery of the hidden Buddha statue, earning a joyful reaction from the director. However, Kayano was bothered by the statue and upon shining a light on it from multiple angles, proclaims it did not have the same glow as before. The monk checks it from below and deemed it as a fake, prompting everyone to investigate.

A crew member later finds a large tunnel dug behind the set. Using the skills they learned playing Cops & Robbers with Korosensei, Class 3-E (with Jerome tagging along) manages to trap the culprit, who was holding the real statue, in a circle. Unfortunately, they too find themselves encircled by multiple men, including Jerome's stunt double Rawan. The latter introduces him and the men as a notorious group of brigands called the "Shishidan" and demands they hand over the statue. Isogai then directs a few students who had considerable speed (Kimura, Okano, Maehara and Kataoka) to follow him. Terasaka, Yoshida, Muramatsu and Itona tag along, and they begin their escape while tossing the statue back and forth. Kayano, Nagisa and Karma (along with Jerome who was struggling to keep up) also tailed behind.

At that moment, the three were astonished by a series of statues with faces carved into them, particularly a statue with Korosensei's face carved into it. They then find a large yellow dome which also had their former teacher's face on it and enter the structure (leaving Jerome behind). After observing the house-like interior, they correctly conclude that this was one of his many hideouts. Isogai and the others also enter, and with a feeling of nostalgia, look at the many possessions in the hideout. Unsurprisingly, Okajima was caught in awe at a room filled with a collection of dirty magazines which covered the walls. Everyone then discovers a room covered with life-sized photos of everyone in Class 3-E and reminisce about their days at middle school, but then refocus on finding a tool to fend off the bandits. Unfortunately, the latter manages to locate them and the class is forced to fight back.

A few of the bandits are caught in a rope trap by Terasaka, Kimura and Muramatsu. Provoked by their mockery, Rawan commands them to draw their weapons and the bandits each take out large cleaver-like swords. The three students retreat into the Korosensei hideout, prompting the brigands to charge into it. Pitch-black with darkness, the bandits struggle to find a light switch when they are pelted by water balloons mixed with chili peppers made by Karma, painfully burning their eyes. The lights turn on, and the thieves were horrified to see what appeared to be the entire class (which in fact was their pictures) aiming guns toward them, before the floor opens beneath them and makes them fall all the way to the bottom. The class comes out and celebrates and reminisces about using trapdoors to try and kill Korosensei. However, Nagisa notices Kayano is missing. He calls out her name, but before Kayano can say his name, she is cut off mid-way.

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