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Right Beside Each Other Time
KorotanD Chapter6
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 6
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Right Beside Each Other Time is the sixth chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


Running toward Kayano's voice, Nagisa and the rest of the class are shocked to find her tied up beside Rawan, the bandit leader. Using Kayano as leverage, Rawan once more demands possession of the golden Buddha statue. Kayano tells the class not to give in, but ends up getting strangled with Rawan's sword in front of her neck. Left with no other options, Nagisa hands over the statue in return for Kayano. However, Rawan delivered only a kick to his face, and laughed as he took both the statue and Kayano. Jerome attempts to beat Rawan by tricking him with a prop gun, only to receive a kick to the stomach. Karma threatens to expose the bandits' location if Kayano wasn't freed, but he and the rest of the class were forced to give chase as Rawan ran toward the sound of an approaching helicopter. Realizing Rawan would be defenseless climbing the helicopter ladder, Class 3-E waited for the opportunity to strike.

After he and his subordinate holding Kayano climb the first rungs of the ladder and scornfully look down at the class, Rawan commands the helicopter to rise. At that moment, the chance to attack is found, and Itona makes the first move by propelling himself off of Isogai at the bandits, but only managing to rock the ladder before falling. However, this was enough to confuse the bandits long enough for Muramatsu and Yoshida to grab hold of Rawan and give Okano the chance to deliver several kicks to his face; Okajima manages to catch the statue which fell from Rawan's hand. The provoked bandit leader draws his sword, but is quickly disarmed by Kataoka and then tackled to the ground by Terasaka. Karma taunts Rawan one more time before delivering an axe kick that knocked him out. Sugino disorients the subordinate holding Kayano by throwing a rock to his head; free from his grip, Kayano starts falling to the ground but fortunately she lands in Nagisa's arms, sending them to the ground with a lesser impact. The helicopter finally crashes into a series of trees, knocking the subordinate and the pilot unconscious.

However, after the class briefly celebrates, a visibly furious Rawan approaches the class with a look of scorn. Nagisa picks up Rawan's sword and assumes a guarding stance; this provokes Rawan even further, as he assumed Nagisa was beneath him. Before the livid Rawan could land a kick, Nagisa drops the sword and performs the nekodamashi, knocking him unconscious once again; but much to his embarrassment, Nagisa is subsequently flattened by Rawan's large figure. After freeing him, the class rejoices in the fact that they got to "kill" together once more. Kayano thanks Nagisa for saving her, but he dismisses it, stating he wasn't yet like Korosensei. However, she whispered to herself that wasn't the case and thought Nagisa and Korosensei were already both heroes who saved her life.

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