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Performance Time
KorotanD Chapter7
Japanese Title 演技の時間
Engi no jikan
Volume Korotan D
Chapter 7
Previous Chapter Thief Time
Next Chapter Nagisa's Dream

Performance Time (演技の時間, Engi no jikan) is the seventh and final chapter of the light novel in Korotan D.


As 10 minutes remained until filming began, the class hurried putting on their ninja costumes; after the director noticed their physical abilities shown when getting the statue back from Rawan, he cast them as ninjas targeting Rin (Kayano) and the hero (Jerome). Karma was selected to be Jerome's stuntman due to his injuries; despite appearing calm on the surface, Nagisa could tell he was ecstatic to star in one of the director's films. The scene where Rin and the hero were running away from the ninjas was filmed and the director asked about their impressive physical capabilities in awe. As a reply, Kurahashi referred to their old P.E. teacher. It was then time to re-shoot the kissing scene between Rin and the hero.

Nagisa tries to keep his distance from the filming site, but is caught by Karma. Upon being asked why he planned to miss the show, Nagisa replied that he did not want to bother Kayano. In response, Karma referred to Nagisa's earlier comment about Kayano having a sharp blade and asked what he was going to do if he wasn't going to watch. Nervously, Nagisa explained he felt anxious watching the kiss scene and that supporting her would be difficult if her future was ruined by Jerome's behavior, referring to the latter as "a lewd beast". After laughing at his derogatory comment, Karma drags Nagisa to watch, stating that he had to watch Kayano's performance if he was going to support her.

Kayano and Jerome stood in front of each other, with Kayano struggling to concentrate and Jerome proudly smirked; every kiss scene he did with a girl resulted in the latter falling for him after. He was about to lock lips with her when out of nowhere, he received a slap instead. Jerome protested to the laughing director that the ad-lib was off-script, to which the director replied that Kayano's character being wooed from a kiss was too simplistic. Jerome complained about his own ad-libs being dismissed like jokes, but the director stated he was talented in reacting to ad-libs and subsequently shows him a video of his expression. After watching the video, Jerome sees Kayano as a killer who would strike once his acting dulled, and decided to stop flirting with her for the time being.

Once the class gets together in the waiting room, Hazama and Fuwa revealed they were the ones who suggested that Rin stay more true to her characteristics in the original novel, taking advantage of the director being unsatisfied with the script. Kayano asks Nagisa for his opinion on her acting, and he replied with praise. Nakamura playfully asked Kayano if she enjoyed Jerome's kiss, to which she dismissed it as nothing special. Karma then called out Nagisa for worrying that she would be wooed by Jerome's kissing, flustering Nagisa in the process. Offended, Kayano scolded Nagisa for having such a thought and the whole class battered him until finally, Nagisa apologized while putting his hands together. At that moment, Kayano remembers that Nagisa apologized in the same manner after he saved her with a kiss and that no other kiss would be able to compare to the one that saved her. She then snaps back to reality and joins in with her classmates once more, who were laughing and playing as the crumbling crescent moon began to rise.

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