Kunugigaoka Junior High's school emblem as shown in the manga

Kunugigaoka Junior High School, (椚ヶ丘中学校 Kunugigaoka Chūgakkō) is the name of school in which the students of Class 3-E attend.


Kunugigaoka Junior High is a prestigious private school located in Tokyo, Japan. It is renowned for being one of the top schools in all of Tokyo and has a high rate of successful students. The school itself is actually a gakuen, ( lit. academy) as it also has a high school that the students of Classes A-D enroll to through an escalator system and students from other schools enter through a transfer student exam.

Academic System

The school houses a unique system known as the "E System", created by Chairman Gakuhō Asano which is based on the 20:20:60 worker ant ratio. The system's ideal is that in which 95% students are working and the remaining 5% are lazy and in order to execute that, an extra class called "Class E" was created to serve as that 5%. As the lowest and "worst" class, this is used as a driving point for the 95% of students to strive academically so they don't end up as that 5%.


Main Building

The main building is shown to be a huge building with a spacious campus. The campus is reminiscent to a small college campus. It has four main stories, a gym, a baseball field, a track field, and a swimming pool. The main building itself also houses both Junior High and High School of Kunugigaoka.

Class E

Main article: Class 3-E

Class E is located on a mountain about one kilometer away from the main building. Their classroom takes the appearance of a rundown/small school building that has basic classroom and school accommodations like a small faculty lounge, desks, a blackboard, and a field. It is a former classroom for Chairman Asano where he teach as a Cram School Teacher before establishment of his own Academy.


Like all middle school Japanese school systems, the students are required to wear uniforms. The standard uniforms are gray trousers/grey skirt with black-lined edges with a matching grey blazer with lined-black edges, a black or navy blue waist coat and a white button up shirt along with a black tie. The students are also required to wear the school's issued loafers. The uniforms have several variation as some male students wear a variation of the grey trousers that contain cargo pockets (i.e. Nagisa Shiota), some students wear the cardigan instead of the blazer and the skirts can vary in length. This does not include wearing your own jacket or sweater instead of the standard school blazer/sweater and wearing anything other than the standard school loafers (i.e. Karma Akabane) as these violate dress code.

Notable Students

Class 3-E

Class 3-A

Class 3-B

Class 3-C


Notable Faculty

Class 3-E

Main Building


  • Kunugigaoka is named after the sawtooth acorn.
  • The school has a mascot named Kunudon, (くぬどん).


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