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Dead is alive.

— His motto

Lovro Brovski (ロヴロ・ブロフスキ Rovuro Burofusuki) is a hitman dealer who was once a talented assassin. He is the Japanese government's only link with the world of hitmen.


Lovro has a very well built physique, showing the appearance of an experienced assassin and mentor. He has short black hair and a deep, ridged black eye line circling his pinprick brown eyes. His older age is noticeable by the creased lines in his skin such as his protruding cheek bones and clearly defined chin.

Lovro wears a black turtleneck top under an unbuttoned white shirt doubled with a black blazer, suit trousers that crease at the ankles and black shoes to match as well as black gloves. He wears a grey trench coat over the top of his clothes. Additionally, he has a scar on his left eye.


Lovro is very sneaky and confident in his own assassination skills. He was even ignorant to how time had weakened his abilities during his first appearance. He seems to believe in Class 3-E and was willing to help train them, even teaching Nagisa the stun clap technique.


Lovro was once a talented assassin, but after some time, he decided to retire, by then having trained a new generation of hitmen and made a fortune as a hitman dealer. He acted as the mediator between clients and assassins.[1]


Lovro acts as mediator a between Irina Jelavić and the Japanese Government. However, Irina's initial assassination attempts on Korosensei fail and Lovro decides to pay her a visit. Ambushing her and stringing her up with a wire trap, Lovro expresses his surprise to see her working as a teacher. Luckily for Irina, Karasuma arrives and orders him to cut the trap. Lovro obliges and introduces himself. He then orders Irina to withdraw, telling her that the job is impossible for her.[2]

Lovro's assumed death

Lovro's assumed death

Irina refuses to withdraw, believing that she is still capable of accomplishing the job. Lovro, believing that her talent lies at being an infiltration assassin, quickly shows her a maneuver that she is incapable of performing, easily cutting of her windpipe. He then proceeds to tell her that the two transfer students would be more than suited to assassinate Korosensei than her and that she should do a job more suited to her expertise. However, Korosensei intervenes and relinquishes Lovro's hold of Irina. He then tells Lovro that though Irina is not the most fearsome assassin, her skills as an assassin is better suited for the class.[3]

Lovro briefly acted as the special instructor of Class E. He assisted them and provided guidance for them for the strategy of their summer assassination attempt. He told Nagisa about the Reaper and taught him the "Secret Killing Technique" in this time as well.

Later, he is almost killed by the Reaper while on a job,[4] but later turned out to be alive, explaining that he underwent a month-long coma.[5]


Assassination: When he was active, Lovro was regarded as a talented assassin.[6] Despite being retired for some time, Lovro still proves to be a formidable assassin as shown when he ambushed a talented assassin like Irina with a wire trap[7] and when he easily overpowered her when she refused to withdraw from the job.[8]

Durability: Even though he was critically injured from an attack by the Reaper, he survived the ordeal.


Irina Jelavić[]

Main article: Irina Jelavić

One of his main apprentices after she joined Lovro during her escape from Militant atrocities. Later he trained her to become a hitwoman by performing plenty of assassination tasks and infiltration which ultimately leads him to send her to Kunugigaoka Junior High School as an English Teacher.


Main article: Korosensei

A target that was targeted by every hitman, he cannot perform the assassination because of his age and retired assassin status but he and Korosensei have apparently been on good terms since Korosensei often invites Lovro to some festivities like the Summer Festival and Autumn School Festival.

Tadaomi Karasuma[]

Main article: Tadaomi Karasuma

An Air Force Elite Soldier that was tasked by Ministry of Defense to become Chief of Operations on Class 3-E. He and Karasuma often coordinates for assassination of Korosensei which fails numerous times.

Class 3-E[]

He became Class 3-E's trainer during Summer Break season to assist the students in honing their assassination skills. Three people he noted as being outstanding is duo Marksman, Chiba and Hayami who impressed him with their abilities of long range fighting while Nagisa gave him a different impression remarking that he saw him as a Pure Assassin making him willing to teach Nagisa the 'secret killing technique' nicknamed the Clap Stun Technique. He also comments that he thinks Nagisa would be an ideal pupil for him.


  • He has an Eastern European accent.[9] In the anime, he appears to be speaking Serbian.
  • According to his profile, he has assassinated 191 people. This number excludes the people killed by his students.
  • His career history is the following: Office worker -> Mercenary -> Professional Hitman -> Hitman trainer and contract mediator.


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