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Masayoshi Kimura (木村 正義 Kimura Masayoshi) is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School.


Kimura has dark brownish green hair which spikes up in many ridges ending in a triangular tip and black eyes.


Kimura is one of the relatively proactive students when it comes to assassination and aims to claim the 10 billion yen reward.[1]


It is stated that both of Kimura's parents are police officers and they have a high sense of justice, thus they named him "Justice". Even if he doesn't like the name and asks them to change it. He was constantly being teased about his first name being “Justice” and his concentration dropped. As a result, his grades suffered and he was sent to Class 3-E.


Kimura is the main focus of Chapter 89:Name Time. Although it is spelled with the general spelling for "Masayoshi", it actually reads as "Jasutisu" (a Japanese rendering of the English word Justice). He hates his own name because people would pick on him because of said name. Kirara Hazama also mentioned that she dislikes her name while Karma Akabane mentions that he likes his. Korosensei then mentioned that Tadaomi Karasuma and Ms. Bitch both refused to say his name, resorting in them having a day which all of them used code names, and they are forbidden from using their real names for the rest of day.

At that point, a mock assassination is done with Mr. Karasuma as their target, in which everyone used code names to call each other. Once Ryunosuke Chiba snipes Karasuma (in which he blocks with a piece of wood), they call upon Kimura to finish him off.

After the mock assassination, Kimura still had doubts about his name. Korosensei mentions that he could change his name if he wanted to, but stated that if he happened to be the one to kill Korosensei later on, it would make for a much better headline: if the hero who saved the world was named "Justice". This makes Kimura think twice about changing his own name, at least until they happen to kill Korosensei.


Speed: Kimura is the fastest runner in Class 3-E, as mentioned during the school's baseball tournament.[2] He was part of the team responsible for distracting Karasuma-sensei during the game of cops and robbers.

Knifework: Kimura scored jointly fourth in the class (along with Hinata OkanoMeg Kataoka and Taiga Okajima) for knife training from April to June.


  • (To Korosensei) "We've known you for a long time now, so we won't jump to conclusions and doubt you, Koro Sensei. But it's time you told us the truth of your past. Otherwise, no one is going to accept your explanation of what happened. That's how serious this accusation is."[3]


  • The name Masayoshi means "right, proper" (正) (masa) and "righteous" (義) (yoshi). 
  • Masayoshi's surname Kimura means "tree, wood" (木) (ki) and "town, village" (村) (mura). 


  • Kimura's favorite subject is Physical Education while his least favorite subject is Math.
  • Kimura's hobby/specialty is running 100-meter dash in 11 seconds.
    • Another of his hobbies is collecting autographs.
  • Kimura's favorite food is Homemade Curry.
  • Kimura's past club before dropping to Class 3-E was Track Club.
  • Kimura was the only one without a codename during Class E's day with them. Instead Korosensei made the class refer to him as "Justice" which is his real name.
  • Kimura has a crush on Hinano Kurahashi.
  • Kimura is prone to colds.
  • During the Civil War, Kimura and Hinata Okano were both eliminated after both swung into a net trap behind Sumire Hara, subsequently knived by Hiroto Maehara.
  • In the tankobon extras, Kimura's statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 4
    • Mobility: 5
    • Close-range assassination: 4
    • Long-range assassination: 1
    • Academic ability: 1.5
    • Characteristic skill: 5 (supreme runner)
  • Kimura's school rankings are:
    • First Term Midterms: 133rd, 285 points
    • First Term Finals: 75th, 365 points
    • Second Term Midterms: 91st, 353 points
    • Second Term Finals: 43rd, 321 points


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