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Matsukata (松方) is the principal of Wakaba Park Nursery cram school.


Matsukata is an old man with long grey hair but bald in the middle, which he ties in a ponytail.


At first glance, Matsukata seems cranky and unforgiving, but he is actually a very compassionate guy who greatly cares for children. He offers admission to his school at rock-bottom prices so that underprivileged kids can get an education, despite the problems it may cause.

He is highly practical and believes that substance is more important than appearances. Despite his grouchiness, he recognizes when he has no right to complain.


Mistake and Nursery Time[]

Excited by the new-found pride of their victory over 3-A in a sport day, Taiga Okajima and Masayoshi Kimura led others to perform reckless freewalking practice after school, only to fall on Matsukata, who was passing by. This resulted in the aged man's heavy injury and being taken to the hospital. Infuriated (with his face-color turning black) with his students' spoiled attitude, Korosensei physically reprimanded Class 3-E for first time.

As Matsukata recovers in a hospital bed, Mr. Tadaomi Karasuma payed the medical bill and Korosensei exposed himself to the principal to make a deal of having all 3-E students to pay back his losses by working as volunteers before he's healed.

Despite accepted the offer out of pleas of Korosensei, Matsukata constantly voiced his negative views over their works, only to found himself amazed by how perfectly they performed. After he accepted their apology and reminded them the importances of greater goods, the old schoolmaster warmly left 3-E to their own matters.

School Festival Time[]

Matsukata returns to visit Class 3-E during School Festival Time, bringing Sakura Kiyashiki along with some other kids with him. He likes the taste of the acorn noodles made by Class E and before leaving, he believes Class E will be popular as he notices the Class-E students' mysterious aura. It was sooner or later, the words will spread about Class E's acorn restaurant.


After Korosensei has been assassinated. Matsukata was greatly surprised as he received envelope with a pack of money inside it. He was clueless about the money's original sender, unaware that it was the prize money from Korosensei's assassination that the students gave to him as a donation.



Korosensei and Tadaomi Karasuma[]

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Main article: Tadaomi Karasuma

Despite his initial anger and surpise from Class 3-E's actions, Matsukata accept their teachers' repayment as respect of another teacher and remain a friendly relationship.

Class 3-E[]

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While being furious of being injured by the students' mistake, Matsukata reluctantly accepted Korosensei's offer after the younger teacher asked for their mental growth. He also gave negative predictions out of his care for his own students and doubt for his assailants. However, he forgived Class E as they indeed filled if not exceeded his works and pushed them back to their own duty.

Sakura Kiyashiki[]

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Sakura is one of the students that attends Matsukata's cram school who seem to have a good relationship with her being eager to show him her high test score.


  • "First, the more important work here isn't re-construction, but to be one with those children. No matter how much are fulfilled materialistically, I will never recognize your works if you didn't care for what children's thinks."


  • The surname Matsukata means "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (matsu) and "single, piece" (方) (kata).