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Meg Kataoka (片岡 メグ Kataoka Megu) is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School who is the female class representative.[3]


Kataoka is a tall girl with light brown hair that is kept in a low ponytail with straight square bangs.

She is described as being "dashing" by Nagisa Shiota while she has the physique and making of a model, according to Irina Jelavić's fashion reviews of the students. This combined with her personality and talents earned her the title "Ikemegu".


Kataoka is a kind and capable girl with very strong leadership skills which has been noted several times in the series. She's level-headed and rational and as a result is good at keeping everyone (namely the boys) in line. She was said to know how to take care of others, however, in the past, she allowed others to rely on her too much. A running gag is that she seems to have a relationship complex and seems to be greatly concerned about not being feminine enough.


During her arc, it was revealed that Kataoka was indeed dropped to Class 3-E because of low grades. Her former classmate Kokona Tagawa made her help her study before every test due to the claim that it's because Kataoka didn't teach her how to swim properly (when in reality, it was Kokona's own fault for not taking more lessons) which nearly caused her to drown at the beach. Because she was constantly helping Kokona, her own grades in her weak subjects became worse.


Kataoka was first introduced as the female class representative of Class 3-E. Her spotlight moment in Chapter 43, when the class was swimming in the pool made by Korosensei. Her excellent swimming skill was when she saved Kaede Kayano from drowning. The reason for her low grades, which prompted her entrance to Class E were explained in the subsequent chapter. With Korosensei's guidance, they helped Kokona Tagawa to overcome her lackluster swimming, which caused her to not rely on Kataoka anymore. This experience helped Kataoka to learn not to let others rely on her too much.

She was shown to lead Class E in most times throughout different chapters. Notable examples include leading the girls and Nagisa Shiota through the bar room in the Assassination Island arc and later leading the rescue team during the God of Death arc.


Leadership: Being the female class representative, Kataoka occasionally takes charge of the class along with Yuma Isogai.

Athletics: Kataoka is the best swimmer in Class 3-E where she was the representative of the school's freestyle before dropping to class E and recently swam 50 meters in 26.08 seconds. Tadaomi Karasuma notes that her athleticism allows her to carry the same momentum and constitution as the other male students of Class E, making her a competent opponent at close combat.

Knifework: Kataoka scored a joint fourth in the class (along with Masayoshi Kimura, Hinata Okano and Taiga Okajima) for knife training from April to June.


Yuma Isogai

Main article: Yuma Isogai

Isogai and Kataoka are fellow class representatives and they are often considered the leaders of Class 3-E where they often work together and they are also shown to have a good friendship. Although their relationship is mostly work based, the rest of the class rumors about its true nature.

Kataoka gave Isogai a large bag of retail chocolates on Valentine's Day and revealed that she planned to attend the same high school as his.

Tōka Yada

Main article: Tōka Yada

According to the official character book, Yada had a crush on Kataoka, but it has since ended.[4]

Hinata Okano

Main article: Hinata Okano

Okano is Kataoka's closest friend who often spend their time off school together and share a worry about not being feminine enough. [4]

Hinano Kurahashi

Main article: Hinano Kurahashi

Kataoka and Kurahashi are shown to have a good friendship and they are frequently seen together. The character book states that they get along well since their personalities balance each other nicely and they work well as a team as a result.


  • (To the boys after their perverted plan is discovered) "Wherever you do or don't, it's clear you're all involved in this disgusting scheme."


  • The name Meg is written in katakana (メグ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (愛, 愛久, 愛宮 or 愛恭), it could possibly mean:
    • 愛 - "love, affection".
    • 愛久 - "love, affection" (愛) (me) and "long time" (久) (ku/gu).
    • 愛宮 - "love, affection" (愛) (me) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (ku/gu).
    • 愛恭 - "love, affection" (愛) (me) and "respectful, polite" (恭) (ku/gu).
  • Meg's surname Kataoka means "single, piece" (片) (kata) and "ridge, hill" (岡) (oka). 


  • Kataoka's best subject is Japanese while her worst subject is History.
  • Kataoka's hobby/special skill is swimming.
  • Kataoka's past club before joining Class E was Swimming Club.
  • Kataoka's favorite food is a breakfast from hotel room services.
  • Kataoka wants to become a flight attendant in the future that she's been trying to aim for more feminine professions as time passed.
  • It was stated in Kataoka's profile that her dream is to be carried like a princess (a.k.a. bridal carry), but she's always misunderstood when she tells others that and they assume she wants to do the carrying.
  • Kataoka's most treasured possession are love letters she has received from boys.
  • Kataoka picks out her older brother's clothes for him.
  • Kataoka was called "Dignified Didact" during class 3-E training using code names.
  • Kataoka is the tallest female student in Class 3-E.
  • Kataoka can be considered a foil to Nagisa Shiota in terms of physical abilities due her constitution and stamina being likened to that of a boy's where as Nagisa's is like that of a girl.
  • In the "Girls you're interested in" ranking made by the boys on Chapter 19, Kataoka was ranked 4th, tied with Kaede Kayano. It's not shown what was written as her best point in the manga. In the anime, the comment next to her vote tally said "Dependable; straight bangs"
  • During the Civil War, Kataoka and Kotaro Takebayashi were both eliminated when Ryunosuke Chiba and Rinka Hayami sniped them.
  • In the tankobon extras, Kataoka's statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 4.5
    • Mobility: 4
    • Close-range assassination: 4
    • Long-range assassination: 2.5
    • Academic ability: 4.5
    • Characteristic skill: 4 (leadership)
  • Kataoka's school rankings are:
    • First Term Midterms: 72nd, 364 points
    • First Term Finals: 7th, 475 points
    • Second Term Midterms: 12th, 450 points
    • Second Term Finals: 6th, 443 points


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