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Nise Onaga (ニセ翁長, Onaga Nise, lit. Fake Onaga), also known as Fake Ritsu, is the daughter of Gouki Onaka and the human proxy for the machine known as Ritsu. As the real Ritsu is a machine, Nise takes her place during assemblies and exams, and Ritsu tutors her.


Nise has a plump face along with a round nose and eyes which appear to stay closed. While assuming the identity of Ritsu, Nise wears the standard female Kunugigaoka outfit and takes on Ritsu's hair style.



Her name is a pun, since "Nise" is homophonous to nise (偽) which means "false" or "counterfeit", referencing her role as a substitute for the actual Ritsu.



She first served as a stand in for Ritsu during the First Semester Midterm. When the rest of the class questioned who she is, Tadaomi Karasuma introduced her to them as Ritsu's stand in and the daughter of his superior.


  • Her favorite subject is Japanese while her least favorite is Mathematics.
  • Her hobby/special skill is Shorinji Kempo.
  • Her future goal is to become a Mystery Hunter game show presenter.