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Pub Time
Japanese Title 居酒屋の時間
Izakaya no jikan
Volume 21
Chapter Extra Chapter 2
Pages 19
Release Date April 11, 2016
WSJ Issue 19, 2016
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Characters Sengoku

Pub Time (居酒屋の時間, Izakaya no jikan) is Extra Chapter 2 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short summary[]

It turned out that the four assassins had been using the pub to discuss their activities because Azusa was blind and Hotaru was an oblivious elementary school student; if they ever caught notice, they would dismiss it as a play rehearsal. However, overtime the quartet became increasingly fond of the two employees.

Korosensei, who was also at the pub, succumbed to several of his various foibles, much to the disgust of the four assassins. Overhearing his proposal to head to a mixer, Azusa decided to hold their own series of mixer games, with the winner earning a hug from her. The lovestruck assassins and Korosensei immediately start competing for the hug, but the latter's superhuman abilities proved too much for the assassins which resulted in Korosensei receiving the hug. Defeated, the assassins left for the night thinking that she would not fall for the octopus, but sulked upon remembering what they did for a living was nothing to be proud of.

The next morning, Azusa is confronted by a menacing man named Sengoku, who told her the debt her late husband owed him had grown over 10 million. He attempts to kidnap and sell her. Hotaru arrived to witness the confrontation, but was subsequently pushed by Sengoku into the rack of bottles before the latter went off with her mother. Later arriving at the bar, the assassins were shocked to find that the bar was wrecked and deduced that Azusa was in trouble for her debt. Korosensei arrived to assist them only to be turned away; the assassins reasoned that just as Korosensei wanted to protect his students, they alone wanted to protect the bar.

Long summary[]

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