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Rawan is the primary antagonist of the light novel in Korotan D. He works as Jerome March's stunt double, but in reality, he is the leader of a gang called the "Shishidan" and secretly plots to steal a golden Buddha statue from the movie set.


Rawan is a man with a well-built physical frame. He has thick eyebrows over a pair of small eyes as well as a large nose and a small stubble. Rawan has dark hair tied into a small ponytail. He dons a dark buttoned-up t-shirt over a white undershirt.


Rawan is a ruthless and brute individual who can be easily provoked. When challenged by Jerome to a minor fistfight, Rawan unleashed a high kick that stopped mere centimeters from Jerome's face, scaring the latter off. He was willing to use Kaede Kayano as a hostage so that he and his group of bandits could escape with the statue unharmed.