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Red Eye (レッドアイ Reddo Ai) is a professional assassin who specializes in sniping.


Red Eye had short blond hair and dark eyes that are normally covered by dark sunglasses and fair skin. He is commonly seen with a poncho and wears a beanie over his head. When the God of Death came to kill him while he was travelling, he was seen without his hat and sunglasses.


With a record of thirty five kills, Red Eye is quite confident with his skills as a sniper.[1] Perhaps because of this confidence, he welcomes a challenge as seen when his first attempt at assassinating Korosensei failed.[2] However, he knows his limitations and is willing to give up on a job that he thinks would be impossible for him to complete.[3]


As a renowned assassin specializing in long distance killing, he has over eight years of experience and a record of thirty-five kills. His nickname Red Eye is stemmed from his way to find beauty in the splash of blood when a bullet hits.[1][4]


Red Eye accepted an assignment to kill Class 3-E's homeroom teacher Korosensei during the school trip. Karasuma gives him some anti-sensei bullets and warns him about the target. Red Eye, believing in his abilities, thinks that he is being underestimated and leaves to do the job.[5]

Under Karasuma's instructions and with the help of the students, Red Eye sets up to snipe Korosensei, while the latter was having a tour on board the Sagano Scenic Railway with his students. When the train stops on a bridge overseeing Hozukyo Gorge, a student named Hinano Kurahashi distracts Korosensei by pointing at a passing boat. As Korosensei leans out of the window to look at the boat, Red Eye takes his shot, only to discover that Korosensei somehow managed to stop the bullet by using a yatsuhashi.

Realizing that Korosensei is not an ordinary target, Red Eye is motivated and travels to the next destination, a tower overlooking the Toei Uzumasa Film Park, where Korosensei is watching a feudal-era Japan play with his students.[6] Rio Nakamura signals for the teacher to not stand so close to the play, allowing more room for the sniper to shoot. Assuming that Korosensei is distracted by the play, he prepares to shoot, only to discover that the target has joined in the swordplay.

Taken aback by the sudden twist, Red Eye decides to move to his next location with frustration, the Five-Story Pagoda. Sumire Hara attempts to distract Korosensei by attaching blotting paper to his face. The sniper fires straight into Korosensei's temple, only to be foiled by the blotting paper picking up the teacher's mucus.

After failing once again, Karasuma informs Red Eye that he no longer has any more attempts, because the group he was intended to work with next was attacked by a gang of high school delinquents. Red Eye says that he felt like quitting the sniping career anyway. He is soon visited by Korosensei, where he assumes the teacher is going to kill him, but after a chat, he realizes that his target, albeit crazy, is actually a great teacher. Red Eye calls up Karasuma, telling him that he was quitting his job for the time being - quoting that he wanted to take a look at other colors rather than just one.


Red Eye 'killed' by the Reaper

Later, Red Eye was hunted down and 'killed' by The Reaper.[7]

It was later revealed that he survived as he was able to "heal fast enough because of his youth." Red Eye later comes to the school festival where he snipes down a green pheasant which he later gives to Class 3-E to cook. The others thought he would get in trouble for hunting a pheasant, however he revealed he actually has a valid hunting licence in several countries, including Japan.[8].


Marksmanship: Red Eye is a professional killer who specializes in sniping. He has a record of thirty five kills.[1] He is one of the best in the world and is said to be capable of killing a target from two kilometers away during a sandstorm.[9] In his eight years of experience in assassinations, he has always managed to take down his target up until he met Korosensei.[4]

Durability: Though Red Eye is thought to be dead during an encounter with the God of Death, it is discovered later that he had survived the attack. Because his body was young, he was able to heal quickly.


  • (To Tadaomi Karasuma) "I was inexperienced as an assassin. I'm going to go around looking at all sorts of colors without being obsessed over just one."


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