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Rikuto Ikeda was one of the three first students in Gakuhō Asano's cram school 10 years prior to the Assassination Classroom series along with Nakai and Mori.


In the anime he has dirty blonde hair and pinkish colored eyes.


Ikeda was a lively student who was taught by his teacher to be a good student. Noted by Gakuhō Asano, enthusiasm was a big asset in his personality.


During his time in the cram school, Ikeda often tried various ways to skip class, but was foiled each time by Gakuhō Asano. In spite of this, the two built a strong positive relationship between them.

Ikeda is seen making fun of Nakai for his poor basketball skills. Asano upon seeing this, he challenges Ikeda to a one on one basketball match. Ikeda loses and complains how Asano is too "superhuman" and Asano teaches him that everyone has different strengths. Three years later in high school, Ikeda called his former teacher one last time, asking if they could meet up for dinner before his suicide attempt. Presumably, he jumps off a bridge from where he is seen standing in his last moments.

When Asano goes to meet up with Ikeda, he is met with a sign saying "In Mourning" in front of his house. Asano later finds out that Ikeda committed suicide due to extensive bullying by his peers in his high school basketball team. The incident drove Asano to become the cold manipulative man he is by the time of the series and changed his whole education philosophy to raise "strong" students. In the years following his death, Gakuhō avenged Rikuto by hunting down his bullies after they became adults and manipulated them into becoming gambling addicts perpetually stuck in poverty.


  • (To Gakuhō Asano) "You're perfect and nerdy! What do you expect from us anyway?"[1]
  • (To Gakuhō Asano) "When we grow up you'll see! We'll turn out to be good!"[2]
  • (To Gakuhō Asano, over a phone call) "Of course not! I've become the compassionate saint you always wanted me to be!"[3]


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