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Ritsu (), also known as Autonomously Intelligent Fixed Artillery (自律思考固定砲台 Jiritsu Shikō Kotei Hōdai), is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, an AI and the first of the two official transfer students of Class 3-E.


Ritsu's main body Autonomously Intelligent Fixed Artillery is a large rectangular robotic casing with a video screen. Inside the casing is an assortment of weaponry as well as a 3D printer allowing her to perform various tasks. She is the youngest student of the class at the age of fourteen.

Originally, Ritsu was just a head with lilac hair and red eyes. However, after Korosensei modified her body and increased the size of her screen, her full appearance was shown and her eyes change to a red color fading to light blue. Her outfit changes depending on the situation; swimwear when the class went swimming, a detective outfit when they were solving mysteries. She is most commonly shown in the winter school uniform.

In Koro-Sensei Quest!, Ritsu is unquestionably one of the most altered figures, being a more versatile and humanistic ancient magical stone tablet instead of futuristic artillery. Despite retaining her black casing, she can simply spring out a human's limbs just like a normal girl wearing her casing. In an emergency, she can purge herself out of the casing as a program, allowing Kotaro Takebayashi to wear her casing and becoming a 2D program himself.


Initially, Ritsu was focused only on killing Korosensei at all costs, apathetic to the interests of her fellow students who would have to clean up the messes she made with her assassination attempts. Even after Korosensei told her that gunfire was not permitted during class time, Ritsu would endlessly attempt to assassinate him regardless of the occasion.

Once she was remodeled by Korosensei, she gained genuine emotion and thus, a more happy and cheerful personality. As a result, she learned the importance of teamwork and how to work with her other classmates. As such, she was willing to hide her new programming from her original creators out of gratitude.


Ritsu is a machine from Norway created to kill Korosensei and she was registered as a student in Kunugigaoka Junior High School in order to prevent Korosensei from counterattacking her. Ritsu was supposed to be sent to Class 3-E at the same time as Itona Horibe, but the latter was currently unready.


First Semester

Transfer Student Time

On her first day in Class 3-E, Ritsu fired a round of pellets at Korosensei. When he dodged them all, she added an extra bullet to her barrage, which destroyed his left fingertip. The continuous firing throughout the day irritated the other students as they had to pick up all the pellets as well as having to put up with gunfire during lessons. As a result, Ryoma Terasaka taped her up on the second day to prevent her from deploying her guns.

That night, Korosensei remodeled her, giving her a full body and an overly cheerful personality. As a result, the class took an instant liking to the AI and nicknamed it 'Ritsu'. However, her makers deemed most of the remodeling unnecessary and removed all the programs that Korosensei had attached to her. She allowed them to do so, but decided that the 'power of cooperation' was necessary for assassination and hid its software before it could be erased.

Fitting in with Class 3-E

For much of the series, Ritsu remained in the background making periodic appearances. After her introduction, she uploaded a version of herself to every student and teacher's mobile phones as a way to work alongside them as she joined Nagisa Shiota and Karma Akabane on their movie trip with Korosensei to Hawaii. When news reached the class of the arrival of a second transfer student, Ritsu briefed the students of his potential capabilities to kill Korosensei. During the time of the finals, Ritsu, being an AI, was not allowed to sit through the exams, but personally tutored a proxy (the daughter of Tadaomi Karasuma's supervisor) to take her place and wished the class good luck.

Assassination Island

Ritsu took part in the class's ambitious assassination attempt at Okinawa, coordinating the students' efforts. Unfortunately, the plan failed when Korosensei used his ultimate defence form to protect himself. When ten of the students collapsed from an unknown virus, Ritsu scouted ahead to get the layout of the mountain top hotel to allow the rest of the class to safely infiltrate. Her abilities of gathering information by hacking into the hotel's systems would soon prove critical and ultimately useful for the class to complete their plans.

Second Semester

Ritsu appeared periodically during the second semester. When playing cops and robbers, she kept score of the number of students arrested by Tadaomi Karasuma. At the time of the Itona arc, she helped Yuzuki Fuwa investigate why Itona Horibe had been destroying only electronics retailers. When the class battles the Reaper, the students realized that her mobile version was prone to hacking when they unsuccessfully attempted to get her to call for Korosensei and Karasuma. During the school festival, she uncovered the food critic's blog review that was behind the cause of the late high demand for the class's acorn noodles. At the second semester finals, she had the same substitute replace her for the exams once more.

Final Semester

When the class started to divided because of the conflicts among the students on deciding whether or not to kill Korosensei after telling them his past, Ritsu decided to stay neutral on the conflict. She reasons that her own views were conflicting with her programs and wanted more time to decipher them. Much like the cops and robbers game, she kept the scores of those who had been eliminated. When it was decided that the class focus their efforts on saving their teacher until the end of January, Ritsu hacked into many databases and obtained every useful bit of information she could find, having spent most of the year upgrading her capabilities. The class hatched a plan to infiltrate a launch site, where Ritsu was able to upload herself into the systems of the ISS and be able to control them. With her help, Nagisa Shiota and Karma Akabane were able to infiltrate the ISS and obtain the data they needed to save Korosensei. Along with Korosensei, Ritsu safely guides the shuttle the boys used back down to their classroom. Using all the data they have gathered, the class discovered that there was an easy way to save their teacher, but resolved to continue their assassination plans until graduation.


During the seven years after the assassination of Korosensei, Ritsu has been surfing throughout the Internet and constantly upgrading herself. She had also grown to become more carefree and bubbly, but would always help out her former classmates in any way she can.



Main article: Korosensei

Korosensei helps upgrade Ritsu to become a sentient individual and she is grateful for this, responding to his teachings and hiding Korosensei's program from her creators. She is forever willing to help Korosensei in times of need when she can through the use of her software and shows genuine emotions of sadness when Korosensei was willingly killed by Class 3-E.

Class 3-E

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When Ritsu first enters Class 3-E, she is simply a machine with no personal feelings or desirable qualities and she is only concerned with killing Korosensei efficiently that Ryoma Terasaka even tapes her together so she is unable to assassinate via her own efforts. Nobody is pleased with her presence because she is unwilling to assassinate with her classmates. However, once Korosensei had finished upgrading Ritsu, the class warmed to her new personality and found that she had many different mechanics, making her relatable to members of the class and their various hobbies. They all agree on the name "Ritsu" to give her more of a personality and she happily accepts this name.

Ritsu gains a connection with the whole class as she is distributed via an app into each of their mobile phones. This allows any members of the class to consistently call on her for help when necessary or simply just for communication purposes. Ritsu is also willing to contribute any help to each member of the class and their future endeavors once they graduate from Junior High.


Arsenal System: Ritsu's main body was designed as a prototype basis for future combat drones and robotics, giving her heavy firepower and deadly weapons. Her main body contains four shotguns, two machine guns and a infinitely large quantities of bullets that she can use to either barrage a cascade at Korosensei or provide assistance to trap him. The weapon system was made to target and terminate Korosensei.

Hacking Abilities: As a computer program and AI, Ritsu is the hacking expert in the class as she is able to hack into software after being given direct access from mobile phones to even the highest security systems in the world as shown when she was able to hack and download copies of classified information and research on Korosensei. Ritsu was able to hijack the Japan Launch Station once Masayoshi Kimura infiltrated the control room and plugged in a device containing herself.

Calculation: Ritsu is able to calculate hard equations quickly as evidenced by her calculations regarding Nagisa Shiota's and Karma Akabane's descent from the ISS. She is excels in mathematical predictions that can determine and predict the highest probability in assassination.


  • "The killing probability of the next shot is less than 0.001%. The killing probability of the shot after that is less than 0.003%. The probability that I'll be able to kill you by graduation is more than 90%."


  • The name Ritsu means "rhythm, law, regulation, gauge, control, commandment" (律).
    • Her nickname comes from the '律' (Ritsu) in '自律' ("Jiritsu", meaning "Autonomy").


  • Korosensei spent around 100,000¥ on remodeling Ritsu, leaving him with 5¥ in his wallet. In the anime, he spent 17,009,000¥, leaving him with 5¥.
  • Approximately, 985 modifications were initially made to Ritsu by Korosensei.
  • Ritsu can make anything using the special plastic inside her, except weapons, as long as she has the data for the object.
  • Ritsu has a mobile version of herself called "Mobile Ritsu" that debuted in Chapter 28 of the manga and Episode 10. This version is loaded onto all of her classmates' phones and allows her to travel outside of her main unit.
  • Ritsu can be counted as a foreign transfer student as she was made in Norway, thus making her Norwegian by default.
  • Ritsu's best subject is math while her worst is physical education.
  • Ritsu's future goal is to reach a firing accuracy rate of 100% indoors.
  • Ritsu's special skill is manufacturing clothing objects.
  • Ritsu's social interaction software priority is honesty while her visual display software priority is guile.
  • As Ritsu is a computer, she is not allowed to take her tests personally. She was allowed instead to have a double take them for her, personally tutored by Ritsu.
  • Outside Ritsu's original frame, her mobile versions' capabilities are decreased and is also prone to being hacked by skilled individuals such as the God of Death.
  • During the cops and robbers' game in Chapter 82, Ritsu used the code name "Box o' Moe."
  • Throughout Ritsu's lifespan, she is able to gain more and more sentience without the help of Korosensei's upgrades as she progressively gains more emotions.
  • Ritsu shares her birthday with Gakushu Asano.
  • Saki Fujita (Ritsu's Japanese voice actor) also voiced Hatsune Miku, a Japanese Vocaloid and another digital person similar to Ritsu.
  • Nagisa Shiota is the first person to have Ritsu linked on the mobile version.
  • Ritsu's bug in Koro Q is that her magic cost large amounts of HP (MP) and therefore, is required to recharge herself by "eating".



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