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Sengoku is an antagonist in the Extra Chapters. He is a malicious loan shark who exploits Azusa by taking advantage of her late husband's unpaid debt.


Sengoku is a large man with a plump frame and black hair. He has a large mouth, which he frequently leaves his tongue out of when he feels he has the upper hand.


Sengoku is a lecherous and sleazy individual, as he wanted Azusa to let him assault her as a twisted form of payment. When confident, he often sticks his tongue out.


At some point, Sengoku was owed a large debt by Azusa's husband. When the latter died, Sengoku set his sights on Azusa.


At the morning after the quartet of assassins and Korosensei left the bar after playing mixer games, Sengoku confronted Azusa in her bar. After shoving her daughter Hotaru onto a shelf full of glasses, Sengoku forced Azusa to come with him to his office to discuss a "payment plan".

There, he blackmailed Azusa to sign a binding contract that allowed him to rape her as a form of payment. Before he was able to, the four assassins barged into his residence and incapacitated every single one of his personnel. Thinking he had the upper hand, Sengoku boasted that he had the support of the yakuza and that Azusa had signed a legitimate contract. However, one assassin told him the yakuza would let him take the blame in court and that the conditions on the contract were all illegal, Sengoku admitted defeat and reluctantly released Azusa.