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Nagisa's nekodamashi

The Stun Clap (猫騙 Nekodamashi) also referred to as the Clap Stunner, is a recurring combat technique in Assassination Classroom used to stun, or even temporarily paralyze a target.


Basic Usage[]

Nagisa's Nekodamashi

The effect of a conventional Stun Clap.

A typical stun clap (i.e. Lovro's) has three conditions that must be met for it to be used effectively:

  1. The user must have more than one weapon.
  2. The opponent must be skilled at combat.
  3. The opponent must have experienced the feeling of facing death at some point in the past.

Once all three conditions are met, the user walks toward the target at a steady pace with one weapon in hand and the other weapon put away, this makes the target focus on the weapon currently being held by the user. Taking advantage of the target's attention on the weapon in hand, the user drops their current weapon and quickly claps their hands together in front of their target's face; because the target was so intensely focused on the in-hand weapon, the clap will momentarily stun them. Once the target is disoriented, the user would subsequently draw out their second weapon and use it to finally kill the target.

Advanced Usage[]


The Reaper using an advanced version of the clap against Nagisa

As noted by the Reaper, the Stun Clap can be further developed to temporarily paralyze the target and make them collapse. This advanced usage of the technique involves the understanding that the human consciousness has wavelengths. When the opponent's wavelengths reach its highest frequency (or peak) when said opponent is in a state of extreme concentration and agitation, even the tiniest stimuli will cause a tremendous shock to their system.

The user would then perform the Stun Clap, and in turn the opponent would be immobilized due to their voluntary nervous system being temporarily shut down.


Along with the Stun Clap's reliable strengths come with its fair share of weaknesses.

As discovered by Nagisa, if the target's conscious wavelengths are erratic, the user would not be able to find the peak necessary to perform the Stun Clap.[1] Furthermore, the effect of the stun can be drastically negated if the target shifts their consciousness somehow - this was notably exploited by Karma, who bit his tongue in order to do so.





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