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Tadaomi Karasuma (烏間 惟臣 Karasuma Tadaomi) is an agent sent from Japan's Ministry of Defense to supervise Korosensei. In Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he was admitted as an assistant teacher and as the physical education teacher in Class 3-E.


Karasuma is a handsome young man with spiky black hair and eyebrows and piercing dark eyes. He has a tall and muscular build. He dresses professionally in a black business suit with a white shirt and a black tie. He is described as being "cool" by his students.


Karasuma is a strict but kind man, though he keeps a distance between himself and the students due to his status as an agent and his own professionalism. He is also extremely dense when it comes to love, but isn't so oblivious that he eventually doesn't figure it out. Even though he comes off as distant, he's not completely devoid of emotion and seems to be able to express happiness very rarely, most notably, during violent situations.


He is well known amongst militaries for his outstanding reputation and is a powerful individual, which he has proven when he easily overpowered Lovro, who is a retired assassin. Akira Takaoka considered him his rival when he was in Air Force Military. Before becoming the P.E. teacher of Class 3-E, Karasuma was an Elite Soldier at the Air Force as well as a Trainee Instructor.


First Semester[]

Karasuma first appeared to class 3-E announcing Korosensei's deal with the government and their mission to assassinate him before the end of the year. He later became the assistant teacher and P.E. instructor of class 3-E to train the students. For much of the series, Karasuma played the supporting role in training the class to become assassins, hiring other professional hit men (including Irina Jelavić and Red Eye) to assist in the mission and otherwise acting as the intermediary between the class, Chairman Asano and the Ministry of Defense.

He first receives the spotlight when he is the target of a mock assassination between fellow teacher Irina Jelavic and her mentor Lovro, showcasing a hint of his skill set. However he plays a major role when former colleague Akira Takaoka briefly replaced him as PE teacher. At the time Karasuma began doubting himself as a good instructor because of his professionalism but because of Korosensei's words came to his students' rescue after seeing Takaoka's sadistic methods. The two almost came to blows until Takaoka challenged Karasuma to pick a student to fight him using a real combat knife. Karasuma chose Nagisa Shiota based on a feeling he felt when the boy earlier tried sneaking up on him. His instincts were proven true when Nagisa defeated Takaoka with a surprise attack, and believed that he has the talent for assassination. However, Karasuma was concerned if he should even encourage such a talent. Karasuma managed to keep his role as PE teacher and realized his growing fondness of the class. He then offers to buy snacks for the class downtown.

Assassination Island arc[]

In preparation for the upcoming assassination on Okinawa, Karasuma brought in Lovro as a special instructor to train the class. The two talked that neither could get in touch with their preferred contacts, in Karasuma's case hearing unsettling rumors swirling in the Ministry of Defense. At the island resort, Karasuma watched the students carry out their ambitious attempt; though true to Irina's earlier predictions, it failed when Korosensei transformed himself into a ball protected by an invincible shield.

The situation became worse when ten of the students succumbed to virus, and Karasuma receiving a call from the mastermind demanding a trade: the antidote for the immobile Korosensei, to be delivered by Nagisa and Kaede Kayano. With the healthy students eager to help their friends, Karasuma leads the group in infiltrating the hotel where their new foe is staying. Although able to sneak past the main lobby full of guards thanks to Irina's distraction, they encounter a professional hit man on the first floor. Karasuma pulled Ryōma Terasaka and Takuya Muramatsu back from him but unable to escape the gas which engulfed him. He managed to defeat the hit man with a swift kick but the energy and momentum caused Karasuma to be incapacitated for much of the infiltration. As such, he is forced to watch the students take on the hit man effectively on their own while being supported by Isogai. Karasuma eventually recovered enough of his strength to choke an unsuspecting guard on the top floor and lead the class to ambush the mastermind. However he is shocked to see their enemy being none other than Takaoka, who returned to the Ministry of Defense in humiliation and stole funds to hire the hit men the class encountered to kill Korosensei. With Takaoka holding the detonator to the C4 strapped to the suitcase containing the antidote, Karasuma was forced to witness Nagisa obediently comply to Takaoka's demands and afterwards helplessly watch the antidote get destroyed regardless. Despite the seriousness of the situation Nagisa was able to defeat Takaoka for the second time and Karasuma had the latter arrested. The hired hit men the students faced off against willingly came quietly and announced that the poisoned students had never been in any mortal danger.

After the incident, Karasuma directed efforts to bury Korosensei in concrete surrounded by water and filled with anti-sensei BBs. But to his chagrin, Korosensei escaped the makeshift burial with no effort and returned to his normal form. Before leaving the island, a clueless Karasuma spent a dinner date with Irina in the students' efforts to spark romance between the pair. After speaking about her first kill, Irina left though Karasuma mistakenly thought she was practicing a new seduction technique on him.

Second Semester[]

To increase the intensity of their training, Karasuma taught the class the ability to free-run, using momentum and speed to get from point to point in the quickest possible time. Korosensei supported this by pitting himself and Karasuma against the class in a game of Cops and Robbers. Karasuma's inhuman speed and tracking skills allowed him to 'arrest' most of the students but he became increasingly angry when Korosensei allowed the captured students to escape through unethical means by the free students. Later he realised that the freed students started to cover their tracks, making it difficult for him to catch them. As the game drew close to the end, Karasuma was challenged by the four fastest students in the class: Hinata Okano, Megu Kataoka, Hiroto Maehara and Masayoshi Kimura. Accepting the challenge, he chased them down but realised too late that the four led him too far away from the class to catch Nagisa, Sugino, Karma and Kayano who were down by the pool to prevent Korosensei from arresting them at the last minute. Thus the class won and Karasuma was obligated to treat them as a result.

A fortnight before the mid-term exams, Karasuma decided to give the class a present of sorts as a reward for their hard work. When the students got into trouble for free-running in the town despite being expressly forbidden to do so, Karasuma was not angry with those involved but disappointed enough to turn a blind eye from Korosensei slapping the students in anger. Indeed, he stated that he took responsibility for thinking the class was ready for the increasing intensity of the training. Although the entire class sans Karma bombed out at the exams as a result, Karasuma saw the class learned from their mistake and presented them a gift from the Ministry of Defense: a top-class state-of-the-art battle suit to replace their usual gym outfits so as not to attract suspicion.

The students' reckless actions would also attract unwanted attention. When Karasuma presented a bouquet of flowers to Irina at the students' behest, he also clarified his relationship with her as being temporary and only for the sake of the mission to kill Korosensei. This caused Irina to storm out of the class angrily and later get herself captured by the God of Death. The class attempted their own rescue mission three days later without Karasuma or Korosensei, both absent at the time, but were quickly defeated. Earlier Karasuma passed by a man selling flowers and recognised a bouquet similar to the one he gave Irina. With Korosensei's unusual assistance, the two tracked the captured class to an abandoned warehouse. Not knowing Irina switched sides, Korosensei fell into a pit trap and Karasuma was horrified to learn that the God of Death planned to kill the students as well as Korosensei, based on the latter's promise not to harm them in any form. Although the overall mission was to kill Korosensei at any cost, Karasuma decided to prioritise the safety of his students and went against the God of Death's plan. He pursued the assassin before the latter could drown the class, along the way showing his true combat skills and fearlessness in disarming traps. Irina also pursued Karasuma but the God of Death activated another trap that buries the two teachers. Karasuma managed to free himself but at the students' insistence freed Irina as well. He later caught up to the assassin and engaged in fierce melee combat. Despite being shot at one point from the God of Death's hidden finger gun, Karasuma eventually punched the assassin in his groin, allowing him to subdue the man and free the class. In the aftermath of the incident Karasuma requested to his superior that the class should not be put into any mortal danger from now on, which his boss agreed to. About this time, Karasuma first heard of the government's master plan to kill Korosensei which would take some time to prepare.

Karasuma's appearances would become periodic for the rest of the second semester. At the time of Nagisa's troubles with his mother, Karasuma was on a business trip in New York but expressly forbade Korosensei to interview the parent. At the end of the school festival, though, Karasuma found out that Korosensei had ignored his warnings and was upset that the former dared to disguise itself as Karasuma with a wig, making Nagisa's mother imply that he was embarrassed in having a bald head. Before the finals, Chairman Asano demanded more money from the Ministry of Defense, to which Karasuma reluctantly agreed. At the end of the semester, he witnessed Kayano's furious attack on Korosensei and listened to Korosensei's past.

Final Semester[]

When the term resumed in January, Karasuma was still worried about the class, which was still less than enthusiastic after hearing about Korosensei's past. He and Irina later followed Korosensei and found the class somewhat divided over whether to continue killing him or to follow Nagisa's proposal to save their teacher. Korosensei proposed that the two sides battle it out in a team deathmatch paintball war to settle the division. Karasuma acted as the referee and took a position at a high point where he could see the entire battlefield. Since he had to act impartial, he could not comment on any of the students' positions, and thus he could not call out on Nagisa, who had camouflaged himself behind Karasuma. He later witnessed Nagisa and Karma engage in the last man standing melee duel and Karma's eventual surrender. Although Karasuma preferred that Korosensei be killed as intended, he honored the class's agreement to focus on saving their target but with one condition - the class resume their efforts to assassinate their teacher in February should they exhausted all possible efforts to save him by the end of January.

Karasuma was kept in the dark as the students found a way to save Korosensei though the class decided to continue assassinating their teacher until the March deadline passed. Throughout February, Korosensei returned to his usual shenanigans, which Karasuma believes it is his way to cram as much time with the students as possible. At one point, he stated to Nagisa that if Karasuma was ever in a spot of trouble, he could put his faith in Class E on their handling of the situation. On Valentine's Day, Karasuma listened to Irina worrying about the students' futures. Knowing that this was not how any hitman should operate, Karasuma invited Irina to work for the Ministry of Defense and gave her a place to stay at his home.

Five days before the deadline, Karasuma found Korosensei working on his graduation album. He left after telling Korosensei to make it a good album before receiving notice of the plan being activated. After leaving the mountain, a beam of light shot down onto the mountain classroom from space and a dome shield was erected to trap Korosensei inside. Amidst the panic, Karasuma intercepted the worried students, telling them to go back home and not talk about the incident to anyone. Two days later Karasuma visited the imprisoned students who earlier tried to scout the guarded perimeter. It was out of his hands in requesting for the students to be freed, that the class should have waited until the guards were less alert and that an elite mercenary group known as the Wolfpack led by Craig Houjou was defending the mountain to intercept any infiltrators. Nagisa still pleaded for Karasuma to let them go but instead, the man threw the boy down and told him to not cause any more trouble for him. He left the class to cool their heads for three days and reiterated that in his opinion Korosensei should still be killed. Nagisa immediately figured out the hidden meaning in Karasuma's words and that Karasuma had actually provided the class with intel. He also subtly implied that Karasuma would back whatever decision the class decided upon.

Three days later, Karasuma masterminded the students' jailbreak by sending Irina to assist them. Before that, he deliberately gave the Wolfpack false intel on the students so as they would severely underestimate their abilities. After being granted permission to head up to the mountain classroom on the "remote possibility," the class would reach there safely, Karasuma left with Irina. When she asked whether the kids will be okay, Karasuma assured her that they will be, that when confined to the school grounds, they are the best assassination team on the planet. However, he did note that defeating Houjou will be a challenge and pleaded that the students remember the basics of assassination.

After learning the students had defeated Houjou and his team, Karasuma and Irina head to the mountain classroom. However, they are forced to watch helplessly the battle between Korosensei, the faux God of Death, and Shiro, the latter two being modified to have superhuman strength. Eventually, Korosensei won the fight but was physically exhausted. When Korosensei reaches the final moment of his life, Karasuma was entrusted by Korosensei to look after Class E after they graduate. He says his name (Koro-sensei) for the first time before his execution by Nagisa.

Aftermath - Time After Time[]

After the assassination of Koro-sensei, Karasuma prevented the Japanese Self Defense Force personnel from entering the school grounds as the school was still under his jurisdiction, giving Class E the alone time to express their sorrow over their beloved teacher's death. He also organized a bus for the students to leave on after the graduation ceremony. When the reward money was handed to the students, they donated some of the funds (to the nursery being one), kept some to cover their education and living expenses, and purchased the Class E mountain along with the classroom while using part of the rewards as upkeep for taxes. The rest of the reward was handed back to Karasuma (representing the government) by Isogai (representing Class 3-E) as thanks for their support throughout the school year.

Seven years later, Karasuma is shown to have married Irina and reassigned from Japan Air Self-Defense Force into a highly ranked position in the Ministry of Defense, officially retiring as JASDF Instructor and Drills. He tasks Irina to infiltrate violent terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Uniquely to Irina, he admits that her personality remains unchanged since working as colleagues teaching Class 3-E and wonders how the students are doing now.

In the Graduation Album, it's been mentioned that Karasuma and Irina have a daughter who's very popular in kindergarten and wins over the hearts of boys. It's also shown that they both accomplish missions together as a team.


Karasuma has monstrous physical ability, almost counted as inhuman, and can go toe-to-toe with the 2nd God of Death himself. Because of such abilities, he can teach his skills to 3-E to assist their mission in assassinating Korosensei. Behind his calm demeanor, he desires to fight, as shown when he rarely smiles because he is on the offensive, be it hunting down the class in a game of cops and robbers or battling the God of Death. As revealed by Korosensei, the true reason for his strength is the "deep rage hidden in his heart", but the meaning behind this statement is unknown. He's widely considered the strongest human alive by both allies and foes alike.

  • Master Hand-to Hand Combatant: Karasuma is at the peak of his physical ability, being able to combat armed amateurs, his former comrade, and even the God of Death.
  • Expert Weapons Specialist: Karasuma is well-versed in numerous weapons, from melee to ranged weapons, he is able to use it to the fullest, even against powerful enemies.
  • Endurance: Karasuma has immense endurance, able to withstand a gas potent enough to bring down an elephant and could recover from its effects faster than its intended time.
  • Intimidation: Although used only once, since he doesn't normally smile, his smile often frightens those who have never seen it before, including Class 3-E, Korosensei and Irina. His smile was even able to tame trained Doberman Dogs, making them submit without any resistance.



Main article: Korosensei

Koro-sensei is Karasuma's target. Most of the time, he seems annoyed and exasperated by him. Unless they are educating, they don't get along in the slightest. He seems well informed about his past and motivations but refuses to talk about them, presumably at Korosensei's own request. Various students remark that, under different circumstances, they could have become close friends. It was noted that he never called Koro-sensei by his name (he instead often called Koro-sensei 'Octopus'); however, he called Koro-sensei by his name for the first time moments before execution by Nagisa.

Irina Jelavić[]

Main article: Irina Jelavić

Irina is his coworker. Since the start, he's been reluctant to hire her, considering her a danger to the students' wellbeing. The start couldn't have been worse, as Irina shows absolutely no interest in the safety of the class, prompting Karasuma to tell her to change her attitude or she would be replaced. After she grows fonder of the class, their relationship turns cordial at best. He constantly berates her for her lax attitude and lack of professionalism, as she does the same to him for his stuffiness and extreme distance.

At one point, he becomes aware of Irina's growing affection for him, but he seemingly has no interest in reciprocating it, as he sees their relationship as strictly professional and as a temporary one. He reveals this to her and the students in chapter 99.

However, it is revealed that he actually has feelings for Irina, too, in chapter 160, when he invites her to work for the Ministry of Defence and live with him, a proposal that Irina happily accepts.

In Chapter 179, it is revealed that she has become his wife and works in the Ministry of Defense.

In the Graduation Album, it's shown that they now have a daughter. It's also been mentioned that Irina has failed to win the "never-ending nightly battle between husband and wife" for the last 7 years, which frustrates her greatly.

Class 3-E[]

Main article: Class 3-E

Despite his best attempts at keeping his distance, he grows fond of the class as time passes by. The students appreciate him greatly and respect him to the point of fearing him, while Karasuma considers the class as his fellow professionals. One of the students, Hinano, has a crush on him, and another student, Nagisa, has inherited every skill he taught (for assassination) and even values him as the most talented assassin in the class. He is also entrusted by Koro-sensei to look after Class 3-E even after they graduate from Junior High School.

Akira Takaoka[]

Main article: Akira Takaoka

A former fellow officer of Karasuma's that worked in the same Air Force unit as him. Karasuma was superior to him during their time as trainees and didn't pay much heed to his efforts. This caused Takaoka to develop a strong hatred for Karasuma, and he sought to show him that he was the superior one which ultimately failed.


  • (Thinking about Class E) "A group of junior high school students are joyfully discussing an assassination. If you look at it normally, this is the pinnacle of madness. But it's strange. The students who are the most lively are those of Class E, who have the target as their homeroom teacher." [3]
  • (His speech after selecting Nagisa to duel with Tataoka) "As part of the same group entrusted with the mission of saving earth... I think of you all as fellow professionals. As professionals, I believe the barest minimum you should receive as compensation is the guarantee of a normal middle school life. That's why there is no need for you to force yourself to take this knife. I will endeavor to request that Takaoka maintain that "compensation."
  • (First impression of Nagisa after defeating Takaoka) "This is a talent that which would absolutely never be discovered during the course of a school life! A talent for drawing closer while hiding one's bloodlust. A talent of making one's opponent falter through bloodlust alone. A talent for being at ease "Acting in front of an audience"! That chill I felt during training wasn't training at all. It was a real assassination! This is neither a talent for combat nor a talent for violence. It's a talent for assassination! Is this a talent which should be fostered?!
  • (Thinking about the Past and Present) "So it has already been 7 years since we first met. She hasn't changed a bit. I wonder if three of our students....are still doing well.


  • His motto is "If something is possible, carry on as planned. Even if isn't possible, do it anyway"[4]
  • Dogs are his favorite animals, but if he passes in front of one it'll bark at him like crazy.[4]
  • He was called "Straight Lace" during class 3-E training using code names.[5]
  • Karasuma appears as a Story Mode NPC in the PS3 game J-Stars Victory Vs, along with Nagisa and Irina.
  • His ideal type of woman is someone who is ideal for battle, though this may have been an exaggeration on the students' part.
  • He always eats either hamburgers or cup noodles when at School. 
  • Aside from his military career, he has a valid teacher license.[6]
  • His smiles have been noted as terrifying by the students and can even terrify the gun-equipped dogs trained by the God of Death. He is noted to only smile when in combat.
  • When compared to Irina in Chapter 27, he's listed as "seduction-proof." When thinking of a way for Irina-sensei to seduce him, the students ended up dissing Karasuma for being the problem instead.
  • In the popularity poll of Volume 12, he was ranked 4th.
  • His most prominent weakness is that he is very dense.
  • According to the Manga, Karasuma's dress during his career in JASDF indicates his rank as Warrant Officer before reassigned as P.E. Teacher.


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