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Taiga Okajima (岡島 大河 Okajima Taiga) is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.


Okajima has short, black hair in a butch cut and thicker brows compared to other students.

Seven years after graduation, he is seen with slightly longer hair.


Okajima is the class pervert and is rather open about it. As with Rio Nakamura, Okajima is known to like peeping. He likes to read erotica magazines and even claimed to be a brother of Korosensei and Itona Horibe for doing so. At the start of July, he enjoys looking at the girls' more exposed skin, even going nude and running to them when they were at their vacation.


Photography: Okajima has a keen sense of photography (which he uses to take pictures of girls). In assassination, this reflects on his ability to exploit security cameras, notably against The Reaper.

Knifework: Okajima was scored joint 4th in the class (along with Hinata Okano, Megu Kataoka and Masayoshi Kimura) for knife training from April to June.


Hinano Kurahashi

Main article: Hinano Kurahashi

During the Assassination Test of Courage, Korosensei paired Taiga with Hinano.


  • His favorite subject is Health and Physical Education while his least favorite is Math.
  • His hobby is collecting books (specifically, pornographic books)
  • His past club before dropping to Class E was Photography Club.
  • His future goal is to become a photographer.
  • The words he is most thankful for: "Sexiness must not be locked away in a prison. Let smut fly with the utmost freedom of a bird."
  • In both Cops and Robbers and the Civil War, he was part of the group that was eliminated first in his team.
  • He was called "End of Perversion" during class 3-E training using code names.
  • He has a crush on Hayami, whom he identifies as a tsundere.
  • Among Class E, Okajima holds the worst luck on the Class and it was evidenced at Episode 5 where he was the only student that was swept by the river current, had snakes wrapped around his body, found himself fleeing from boulders and finally chased by a swarm of bees during Assembly Time.
  • During Valentine's Day, he was the only male who didn't receive any chocolates.
  • In the tankobon extras, his statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 4
    • Mobility: 3.5
    • Close-range assassination: 3.5
    • Long-range assassination: 2
    • Academic ability: 2.5
    • Characteristic skill: 3.5 (photography)
  • His school rankings are:
    • First Term Midterms: 128th, 289 points
    • First Term Finals: 50th, 392 points
    • Second Term Midterms: 76th, 369 points
    • Second Term Finals: 21st, 365 points



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