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Takuya Muramatsu (村松拓哉 Muramatsu Takuya) is a student in Korosensei's class 3-E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School.


Takuya has dirty blonde hair and his eyes are small and black, to the point of appearing like he has pupils, but no iris.


Takuya is one of the more independent members of the class, staging assassinations at his own pace.[1] He lacks enthusiasm when it comes to assassination training, and can be considered laid back in general. He's an excellent cook. Despite in the beginning, being willing to sacrifice Nagisa for the assassination, he progresses to appear much more cooperative and helpful by supporting Terasaka and his role in the school festival.


Takuya's family runs the Ramen Shop "Matsuraiken". Takuya would often try to persuade his father without success to change his recipe as the ramen he makes is too bland.


He first appeared along with Terasaka and Yoshida when they pressured Nagisa to carry out an assassination of Korosensei. The plan failed due to Korosensei shedding his skin but was extremely angry that the three would sacrifice a classmate. He follows Terasaka in not participating in the class's various attempts but is eventually tempted by Korosensei's tutelage in improving his grades. This paid off when he tied for first place in Home Economics during the first semester finals, rewarding him with the shooting of one of Korosensei's tentacles. In the Assassination Island Arc, the students' ambitious plan ultimately failed, and Takuya was stricken with poison alongside Hazama and other classmates.

After Shiro abandons Itona Horibe, Terasaka's group tried various ways to eliminate Itona's lust for power and victory. They first brought him to Takuya's ramen shop. Itona was surprisingly quite a ramen critique, and was quite critical of Takuya's recipe and business management, much to the latter's chagrin. Terasaka later stated that Takuya would one day take over the ramen shop and he could improve its reputation using lessons learnt from Korosensei about home economics and business management. This in part convinced Itona to let go of his desires and his tentacles and joins Class E. However Itona tells Takuya that he will not barf when eating his ramen, to his displeasure.

Takuya participated in the Athletic Festival against Class A. Although he and Yoshida were knocked out early on, it was part of a ruse by Isogai to catch Class A off guard and attacked their pole while their opponents were distracted. His cooking skills became vital during the school festival, and his ability to cook ramen from acorns helped the class attract customers and much-needed profitability.

Seven years after graduation, Muramatsu was seen taking over his family's restaurant business and he change the recipe that his parents used to be as his wish when he grows up.


Marksmanship: In June Muramatsu is ranked fourth amongst the boys for marksmanship (and sixth in the class), with a score of 90/200.

Cooking: Among Class E, Muramatsu is the best cook amongst the class because of his job as a chef at his father's Matsuraiken Shop. Muramatsu has distinctive taste in different food ingredients that he can use to make something unique and tasty, as demonstrated when he takes the role of head chef during the School Festival to cook acorn noodles; a meal that required him a week of research to create an optimal balance of flavor. He also possess a strong sense of smell in different variety of foods.


Ryōma Terasaka

Main article: Ryōma Terasaka

Muramatsu is a member of Terasaka's gang and during the Assassination Test of Courage, he was paired up with him and Kirara. For much of the series he follows Terasaka's lead though on one occasion did Takuya disobeyed his instructions to disrupt the class by listening to Korosensei's personal tutelage.

Kirara Hazama

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During the Assassination Test of Courage, Korosensei paired Ryōma with Takuya and Kirara.

Itona Horibe

Main article: Itona Horibe

Before Itona was convinced by Terasaka to stop relying using tentacles, he brings Itona to his Matsuraiken. He was surprised to hear Itona critique about his ramen that was very detailed about it, since Itona officially joined class E he joined Terasaka's gang and often ask Muramatsu for ramen since Itona doesn't have any money.


  • He was called "Loofah" during Class 3-E training using code names.
  • Out of the boys, he's considered the best cook.
  • His best subject is Home Economics, while his worst one is Math.
  • His past club before dropping to Class E was the Fishing Club.
  • His future goal is to achieve a Major on Business Management. after that, he intends to run a gigantic chain of ramen bars.
  • He knew Yada from elementary school and the two were childhood friends.
  • During the Civil War, he was eliminated along with Terasaka, Nakamura and Yoshida when Nagisa ambushed and shot all 4 of them.


  1. Assassination Classroom Manga; Chapter 11, Cover


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