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The Red Devil
Episode 2
The Red Devil episode
Episode Information
Kanji 赤い悪魔
Romaji Akai Akuma
Manga Chapters Chapter 2
Episode Guide
Previous Episode The E Class and the Demon King
Next Episode The Seductive Witch
Air Date
Japanese December 30, 2016
English January 18, 2017
Theme Music
Opening Re:QUEST!
Ending Seishun Satsubatsuron Remix

The Red Devil is the second episode of the Koro-Sensei Quest! anime. It first aired on December 30, 2016.



Class E tries to find Karma to persuade him into joining their class. But at first they couldn't even find him, and then he doesn't even want to join, so Class E tries their best to make him.


The episode starts with a summary about Kunugigaoka Magic Academy and how Class E ended up with the Demon King as their teacher. Korosensei starts to talk about how they need new, powerful 'heroes' in order to defeat him. Karasuma later arrives and starts mentioning the rumored three heroes that are very powerful. He explains that they are "The Red Devil", Karma, who lives in the northern cave with unique and powerful abilities. "The Evolved Mage", Ritsu, who is capable of evolving her magic on a daily basis. The last one is "The Silver Berserker", Itona.

Later, Korosensei and Class E arrive at Karma's Cave to begin their quest on finding the "Red Devil". Korosensei gives a strategy book to each of them, detailing the various monsters (including slightly smutty ones in a sealed-up section), the dungeon, and Karma himself. It shows that Karma has a bug effecting his luck stat, causing it to drop dramatically whenever he gets cocky.

When Korosensei and Class E enter the cave, they find all kinds of dangerous traps, but, Korosensei has no problem with with them due to his speed and helps the class along. He even takes the time to fix up the traps. After Korosensei and the rest clear the traps they are found by Mushroom Kunudons and surrounded by them. Being the Big Bad, the monsters can't hurt Korosensei. However, a Kunudon reaches up and cuts off Korosensei's hand, revealing himself as Karma.

This shocks the class since no one had ever been able to harm Korosensei up until that point. Karma mocks him and suddenly a washbin falls onto him, activating a trap door which opens up beneath Karma. Korosensei starts punching the wall, angry someone finally hurt him. Karma climbs back up and greets Nagisa, as they used to know each other as friends. Nagisa then tries to persuade Karma into joining the party and helping them defeat Korosensei. Karma rejects that offer and suddenly activates a net-trap set for Korosensei. Karma uses the chance to stab Korosensei but finds that Korosensei had placed a Kunudon in the trap instead. Korosensei reappears, finishing a spring bath drying his hair. Karma gets pissed off and launches himself at Korosensei, trying to stab him. Korosensei grabs Karma, removes the "Red Devil's" clothes, and takes him to a hotspring. Karma gets confused and tries to run away, but Korosensei starts to convince him to join the party to defeat him as a leader. They later return to the cave, with Karma saying that he 'might' join. Korosensei puts him uniform and despite Karma's protests, they welcome him into the Class E.



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