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The Seductive Witch
Episode 3
The seductive witch
Episode Information
Kanji 誘惑の魔女
Romaji Yūwaku no majo
Manga Chapters Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Episode Guide
Previous Episode The Red Devil
Next Episode The Ruins of Tribulation
Air Date
Japanese January 5, 2017
English January 25, 2017
Theme Music
Opening Re:QUEST!
Ending Seishun Satsubatsuron Remix

The Seductive Witch is the third episode of Koro-Sensei Quest! anime. It aired in January 5, 2017.


A new witch has arrived to the town causing trouble to a lot of villagers, but the spell she casts is very hard to resist, th Class E must defeat the witch before it's to late.


The episode starts out similar to Episode 3 from the canon series, where Karasuma is training the E Class. However, he is training them in sword fighting and demonstrates complex and powerful moves. Korosensei is concerned that Karasuma is stealing his popularity from the students and tries to show off his own moves. Only for the students to disregard them as too flashy and impossible.

When the students and Korosensei go into a town, they discover it full of brainwashed citizens. They are told to free the town from the spell of the witch, Irina, who is controlling them. E Class and Korosensei begin the new quest in finding the witch's hideout.

Later, they arrive in a cave where they meet an "old woman" asking for water, who is immediately deemed suspicious. However, Hiroto and Taiga offer her their water but find it was a trap by the witch, who brainwashes them. The witch captures the girls and brainwashes Korosensei while Karasuma fights him. Irina escapes to the top floor after trapping the girls in a cage.

Later the boys arrive on the top floor to confront the witch, who suddenly brainwashes everyone but Karma and Nagisa. She orders the boys to throw Nagisa and Karma to the window after Karma discovers the source of her power. However, Korosensei appears, flying at his top speed rescuing them. Irina questions why wasn't he brainwashed and Korosensei reveals that as the Demon King, he can't be seduced, which Karma and Nagisa had suspected. He also explains that he was just pretending to be brainwashed just to distract her while Karasuma freed the girls. The teachers give the witch a lesson, most likely a painful one. The witch surrenders, saying that she will stop her bad behaviour. The students look on with pity.


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