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Aguri Yukimura[]


Tadaomi Karasuma[]

Like the rest of the Class 3-E girls, Yada swoons over Karasuma.

Irina Jelavić[]

Along with Hinano Kurahashi, Yada is one of Irina's favorite students where they are the only the students who know about Irina's past and true personality. She’s a companion who knows Irina’s phone number. Yada and Irina's relationship feels like one between friends moreso than teacher and student, and they’re planning to hold a hotpot party in the coming winter.[1]

The class see Irina and Yada become a formidable pair at the school festival; Yada utilizing her negotiation skills to advertise and convince customers to travel the mountain path to their makeshift restaurant, and Irina subtly seducing them to stay. Although taught how to seduce her target, Yada prefers not to use it as a means to get her desired outcomes.

Class 3-E[]


Kaede Kayano[]

Yada is somewhat aware of Kayano's condemnation for large chests and as a result, avoids it.[1] At Okinawa, she was moved by Yada’s views on self-improvement. In Kayano’s mind, even when they stay silent, girls with huge chests will still have high levels of femininity, which is almost like cheating. But that view has begun to change.[1][TN 1] In a tankobon extra, Yada and Kayano are shown to be good friends, although the latter still harbors an aversion to her large bust.[2]

Nagisa Shiota[]

When Takaoka was one-sidedly pummelling on Nagisa (at Okinawa), she couldn’t help but turn away from the scene. She hates blood and gore, which is why she’s committed herself to perfecting her negotiation skills in order to avoid fighting.[1]

Takuya Muramatsu[]

Yada and Muramatsu were childhood friends in elementary school. He once popped into her piano class, but he quit, which she still remembers.[1]

Meg Kataoka[]

Yada had a brief crush on Kataoka, but it has since ended.[1][TN 2]

Hinata Okano[]

Yada had already noticed how Okano feels about Hiroto Maehara very early on and has been rooting on her from the side, but Maehara hasn’t noticed this at all, so she’s feeling pretty dissatisfied.[1] Yada is a member of her Field Trip group with whom she has good relations. She has mixed joy and envy towards her bust size. Okano refers to her as "Yadacchi".

Hinano Kurahashi[]

Yada and Kurahashi are close friends and as a result, are frequently seen together. A notable example was during an effort to infiltrate Japan's space station, they distracted the guards by pretending they were lost. They both have gentle and quiet personalities yet still have pretty high girl power, should any average boy look down and flirt with them, they’ll be peacefully, verbally cornered into silence before they even notice.[1]

Taiga Okajima[]

Okajima has his eyes on Yada, but because he has no immunity against a real girl’s body, they have not reached a stage of being in (any physical) contact with each other.[1]

Rio Nakamura[]

The two of them are sometimes seen together and are usually together in a group. Nakamura refers to Tada as “Yada-chan”.

In one of the tankobon extras, Nakamura is seen trolling Yada and Kaede Kayano in the Class 3-E girl group chat by telling Yada her breasts have grown bigger to which the the latter denies.

Masayoshi Kimura[]

For some reason, they get paired together into the same group a lot, and although they have good dynamics going between them in class, he has no special feelings towards Yada in the end.[1]

Rinka Hayami[]

A fellow appreciator of dancing, if there’s (standby?) time available, they’ll meet up and dance some steps without saying a word.[1]

Yukiko Kanzaki[]

Kanzaki and Yada are the most beautiful 2 in the class and are one behind the other in the class, but they are sometimes seen together.


  1. What I took from this is that, Kayano feels that simply having a huge chest is like an unfair shortcut for girls to have high levels of Joshiryoku, without needing to do anything else/work hard in order to achieve that. So for Yada to express the need to polish herself, Kayano was thoroughly impressed, like her beliefs were shaken.
  2. To make sure there’s no misunderstanding, this was something in the past. Roll Book Time was based on material up to Volume 13, so by then Yada’s girl crush is over.


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