Since Assassination Classroom is a Japanese series, translating certain names into English doesn't always give the same results.

Let's use the God of Death as an example. The name "God of Death" is the literal translation of the rōmaji Shinigami and is used by many fan scanlations. However, Funimation refers to him as "The Reaper" in both the official subs and dubs of the anime and VIZ Manga refers to him as the "Grim Reaper". On another note, his wiki trivia page lists his "Invisible Scythe" as the "Grim Reaper's Invisible Scythe", despite the article being named "God of Death".

There's also Craig Houjou; the wiki uses the rōmaji for his last name, but VIZ manga labels it as "Hojo".

What name variant should be the wiki's main preference? I'm personally thinking of leaning toward the official translations as the standard for the wiki rather than scanlations, but I would like to see your input before I do anything.

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