End of Term Time
Volume 14
Volume 14
Volume Information
Kanji 期末の時間
Romaji Kimatsu no jikan
Pages 192
Cover Emotion Happy (in Personal Camouflage)
Japanese May 1, 2015
English Feburary 7, 2017
116. Customer Time
117. Special Guest Time
118. Connection Time
119. End-of-Term Time, 2nd Period
120. Bloodlust Time
121. Solution Time
122. Space Time
123. Malfunction Time
124. Teacher Exam Time
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End of Term Time (期末の時間 Kimatsu no jikan) is the fourteenth volume of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Publisher's Summary

Lowly Class E and elite Class A compete for the most customers at their school festival booths. So far, the students of Class E are holding their own, despite their location on the mountaintop. Then a parade of familiar faces, some welcome and some…not so much…drop by with surprising consequences. Will Principal Asano’s son Gakushu be able to maintain his position as the illustrious leader of Class A? Who could possibly replace him in hopes of leading the students to victory and the subjugation of the weak…?


Chapter 116: Customer Time

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Chapter 117: Special Guest Time

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Chapter 118: Connection Time

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Chapter 119: End-of-Term Time, 2nd Period

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Chapter 120: Bloodlust Time

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Chapter 121: Solution Time

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Chapter 122: Space Time

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Chapter 123: Malfunction Time

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Chapter 124: Teacher Exam Time

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