Time to say Thank you
Volume 21
Vol 21 (final cover)
Volume Information
Kanji ありがとうの時間
Romaji Arigatō no jikan
Pages 208
Cover Emotion Happy (The Stargazed Moon)
Japanese July 4, 2016
English April 3, 2018
178. Time for Tears
179. Time After Time
180. Killing Time
Extra 1. Home Time
Extra 2. Pub Time
Extra 3. Identity Time
Extra 4. Time to say Thank you
Extra 5.Tokyo Depato Sensou Taikenki (one shot)
Volume Guide
Graduation Time
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Time to say Thank you (ありがとうの時間 Arigatō no jikan) is the final volume of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Ever caught yourself screaming, "I could just kill that teacher"? What would it take to justify such antisocial behavior and weeks of detention? Especially if he's the best teacher you've ever had? Giving you an "F" on a quiz? Mispronouncing your name during roll call...again? How about blowing up the moon and threatening to do the same to Mother Earth—unless you take him out first?! Plus a reward of a cool 100 million from the Ministry of Defense! Okay, now that you're committed... How are you going to pull this off? What does your pathetic class of misfits have in their arsenal to combat Teach's alien technology, bizarre powers and...tentacles?

Publisher's Summary

In the aftermath of tragedy, the students of 3-E nevertheless march proudly in their graduation ceremony. Will their futures still unfold as planned? And what will they do with their reward money…? Then, enjoy a long side story revealing what Koro Sensei was really up to over winter break! Can Koro Sensei truly make a friend and ally out of anyone…?! Plus, a bonus short story with all-new characters, set in a dystopian future.


Chapter 178: Time for Tears

Main article: Time for Tears

Chapter 179: Time After Time

Main article: Time After Time

Chapter 180: Killing Time

Main article: Killing Time

Extra 1: Home Time

Main article: Home Time

Extra 2: Pub Time

Main article: Pub Time

Extra 3: Identity Time

Main article: Identity Time

Extra 4: Time to say Thank you

Main article: Time to say Thank you (chapter)

Extra 5: Tokyo Depato Sensou Taikenki

Tokyo Depato Sensou Taikenki

Author's Comment


  • This volume has the most pages in it out of all the volumes by far.


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