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A Shocking Time
Volume 9
Volume 9
Volume Information
Kanji 衝撃の時間
Romaji Shōgeki no Jikan
Pages 192
Cover Emotion Happy and Tanned
Japanese May 2, 2014
English April 5, 2016
071. Time for a Pep Talk
072. Time for a Sound Check
073. Time for Grown-Ups, 2nd Period
074. A Horrifying Time
075. Time for the Kill
076. A Shocking Time
077. A Cursed Time
078. Time for Takebayashi
079. Time to Go to the Principal's Office, 2nd Period
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Time for an Opportunity
Time for Robbery

A Shocking Time (衝撃の時間 Shōgeki no Jikan) is the ninth volume of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Ever caught yourself screaming, "I could just kill that teacher"? What would it take to justify such antisocial behavior and weeks of detention? Especially if he's the best teacher you've ever had? Giving you an "F" on a quiz? Mispronouncing your name during roll call...again? How about blowing up the moon and threatening to do the same to Mother Earth—unless you take him out first?! Plus a reward of a cool 100 million from the Ministry of Defense! Okay, now that you're committed... How are you going to pull this off? What does your pathetic class of misfits have in their arsenal to combat Teach's alien technology, bizarre powers and...tentacles?!

Publisher's Summary[]

Nagisa risks life and limb in an attempt to take down the mastermind behind a biological attack. After the dust settles, Koro Sensei tries to ignite some summer romances between the students of 3-E. Their teacher Irina Jelavitch, at least, has her sights on someone…and everyone happily conspires to bring them together! Back at school, one of the 3-E students defects from the ranks for all the wrong reasons. How will they bring him back before he inflicts irrevocable damage on them all…?


Chapter 71: Time for a Pep Talk[]

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Chapter 72: Time for a Sound Check[]

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Chapter 73: Time for Grown-Ups, 2nd Period[]

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Chapter 74: Scary Time[]

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Chapter 75: Time for the Kill[]

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Chapter 76: A Shocking Time[]

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Chapter 77: A Cursed Time[]

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Chapter 78: Time for Takebayashi[]

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Chapter 79: Time to Go To the Principals' Office, 2nd Period[]

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Author's Comment[]

Whenever the popularity of a series is low, the story takes sharp turn or a new character who was never meant to appear is suddenly. We often refer to this as pandering. Luckily for me, I've never had to pander in my manga artist life so far. That is to say, thankfully I've never been in that position. But even if I do work on a series that isn't that popular, I probably wouldn't consider pandering to readers. People might think that means I'm not trying hard enough, but I want to build a trusting relationship with my readers as a manga artist who wraps up the story properly even if the series isn't super popular … that should cover any problems in the future (laughs)

-Yūsei Matsui



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