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The Manga of Assassination Classroom is written and illustrated by Yūsei Matsui and was published in Japan by Shueisha in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since Issue 31 of 2012. Viz Media published the manga in tankōbon volume format.

Chapters are numbered in the format Chapter X (第X話, Dai X wa) and generally named in the format XX Time (XXの時間, XX no jikan).

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# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 November 2, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870596-3 December 2, 2014 ISBN : 978-1421576077
Chapters list :
001. Killing Time in Homeroom (暗殺の時間, Ansatsu no jikan)

002. No Time to Strike Out (野球の時間, Yakyū no jikan)
003. The Perfect Time to Help Out (サービスの時間, Sābisu no jikan)
004. Time to Get Down to Work (基礎の時間, Kiso no jikan)
005. Making Time for Karma (カルマの時間, Karuma no jikan)
006. It's Time to Make a Choice (二択の時間, Nitaku no jikan)
007. Time for a Refreshing Drink (毒の時間, Doku no jikan)
Extra: Koro Sensei's Drawing Song

Time For Assassination
(暗殺の時間, Ansatsu no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 01
2 December 28, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870604-8 February 3, 2015 ISBN : 978-1421576084
Chapters list :
008. Time for Titillation (胸の時間, Mune no jikan)

009. Time for Grown-Ups (大人の時間, Otona no jikan)
010. Time to Send in the Pros (プロの時間, Puro no jikan)
011. Assembly Time (集会の時間, Shūkai no jikan)
012. Time to See the Principal (支配者の時間, Shihaisha no jikan)
013. Plenty of Time to Study (くるくるの時間, Kurukuru no jikan)
014. It's Time for a Test (テストの時間, Tesuto no jikan)
015. Time for a School Trip (旅行の時間, Ryokō no jikan)
016. In Trouble Big-Time (台無しの時間, Dainashi no jikan)
Extra: Koro Sensei VS. Kusuo Saiki, Iruma City Battle

Time For Grown-Ups
(大人の時間, Otona no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 02
3 March 4, 2013 ISBN : 4-08-870633-1 April 7, 2015 ISBN : 978-1421576091
Chapters list :
017. Best Time for the Travel Guide (しおりの時間, Shiori no jikan)

018. Time to See Red (赤の時間, Aka no jikan)
019. Always Time to Be Curious (好奇心の時間, Kōkishin no jikan)
020. Time for a Transfer Student (転校生の時間, Tenkōsei no jikan)
021. It's Time for an Upgrade (改良の時間, Kairyō no jikan)
022. Time for Independence (自律の時間, Jiritsu no jikan)
023. Time to Get Damp (湿気の時間, Shikke no jikan)
024. Time for Revenge (仕返しの時間, Shikaeshi no jikan)
025. Time for "L" and "R" (LRの時間, LR no jikan)

Time For A Transfer Student
(転校生の時間, Tenkōsei no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 03
4 May 2, 2013 ISBN : 4-08-870667-6 June 2, 2015 ISBN : 978-1421576107
Chapters list :
026. Time for the Master (師匠の時間, Shishō no jikan)

027. Overcoming Shortcomings in Time (克服の時間, Kokufuku no jikan)
028. Movie Time! (映画の時間, Eiga no jikan)
029. Time for Another Transfer Student-2nd Period (転校生の時間・ニ時間目, Tenkōsei no jikan, ni jikanme)
030. Time to Face the Unbelievable (まさかの時間, Masaka no jikan)
031. A Rough Battle This Time (苦戦の時間, Kusen no jikan)
032. Bonding Time (絆の時間, Kizuna no jikan)
033. Time to Play Ball (球技大会の時間, Kyūgi taikai no jikan)
034. Time for Offense (先攻の時間, Senkō no jikan)

Time To Face The Unbelievable
(まさかの時間, Masaka no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 04
5 July 4, 2013 ISBN : 4-08-870809-1 August 4, 2015 ISBN : 978-1421576114
Chapters list :
035. Time for a Huddle (円陣の時間, Enjin no jikan)

036. Time to Get Closer (近いの時間, Chikai no jikan)
037. Time for Art (アートの時間, Āto no jikan)
038. Time for Training (訓練の時間, Kunren no jikan)
039. Time to Kill Them with Kindness (親愛の時間, Shin'ai no jikan)
040. Time to Choose (指名の時間, Shimei no jikan)
041. Time to Show Off a Hidden Talent (才能の時間, Sainō no jikan)
042. Time for Doubts (迷いの時間, Mayoi no jikan)
043. In the Summertime (夏の時間, Natsu no jikan)

Time To Show Off A Hidden Talent
(才能の時間, Sainō no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 05
6 October 4, 2013 ISBN : 4-08-870821-8 October 6, 2015 ISBN : 978-1421576121
Chapters list :
044. Time to Drown (溺れる時間, Oboreru jikan)

045. Swim Time (水泳の時間, Suiei no jikan)
046. Time for Terasaka (寺坂の時間, Terasaka no jikan)
047. Time for a Vision (ビジョンの時間, Bijon no jikan)
048. Time to Do the Deed (実行の時間, Jikkō no jikan)
049. Time for the Front Line (現場の時間, Genba no jikan)
050. Final Exam Time (期末の時間, Kimatsu no jikan)
051. Time to Let the Son Shine (息子の時間, Musuko no jikan)
052. Time for the Ace (エースの時間, Ēsu no jikan)

Swim Time
(水泳の時間, Suiei no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 06
7 December 27, 2013 ISBN : 4-08-870854-7
4-08-908203-X (with DVD)
December 8, 2015 ISBN : 978-1421576138
Chapters list :
053. Time for the Five Major Subjects (五教科の時間, Go-kyōka no jikan)

054. Time for Setbacks (挫折の時間, Zasetsu no jikan)
055. Time for Vacation (終業の時間・1学期, Shūgyō no jikan: 1 gakki)
056. Spending Time in Nature (いきものの時間, Ikimono no jikan)
057. Plotting and Planning Time (策謀の時間, Sakubō no jikan)
058. On Island Time (島の時間, Shima no jikan)
059. Time to Take Action (決行の時間, Kekkō no jikan)
060. Time for a Surprise (異変の時間, Ihen no jikan)
061. It's Pandemonium Time (伏魔の時間, Fukuma no jikan)
Extra: Special Feature II: Koro Sensei VS. Kusuo Saiki, Iruma City Battle II

On Island Time
(島の時間, Shima no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 07
8 March 4, 2014 ISBN : 4-08-880028-1 February 2, 2016 ISBN : 978-1421582801
Chapters list :
062. Time to Send in the Pros-2nd Period (プロの時間・2時間目, Puro no jikan, ni jikanme)

063. Time for a Chaperone (引率の時間, Insotsu no jikan)
064. A Time for Peculiarities (拘りの時間, Kakawari no jikan)
065. Making Time for Karma-2nd Period (カルマの時間・2時間目, Karuma no jikan, ni jikanme)
066. Girl Time (女子の時間, Joshi no jikan)
067. Time for Weapons (武器の時間, Buki no jikan)
068. Time for an Opportunity Time (チャンスの時間, Chansu no jikan)
069. The Puppet Master's Time (黒幕の時間, Kuromaku no jikan)
070. Time for Takaoka (鷹岡の時間, Takaoka no jikan)

Time For An Opportunity
(チャンスの時間, Chansu no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 08
9 May 2, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-880059-2 April 5, 2016 ISBN : 978-1421582818
Chapters list :
071. Time for a Pep Talk (叱咤の時間, Shitta no jikan)

072. Time for a Sound Check (音の時間, Oto no jikan)
073. Time for Grown-Ups-2nd Period (大人の時間・二時間目, Otona no jikan, ni jikanme)
074. A Horrifying Time (怖い時間, Kowai jikan)
075. Time for the Kill (殺しの時間, Koroshi no jikan)
076. A Shocking Time (衝撃の時間, Shōgeki no jikan)
077. A Cursed Time (呪いの時間, Noroi no jikan)
078. Time for Takebayashi (竹林の時間, Takebayashi no jikan)
079. Time to Go to the Principal's Office-2nd period (支配者の時間・2時間目, Shihaisha no jikan, ni jikanme)

A Shocking Time
(衝撃の時間, Shōgeki no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 9
10 July 4, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-880137-7 June 7, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-4215-8322-8
Chapters list :
080. Time for Kayano (茅野の時間, Kayano no jikan)

081. Time to Play Cops and Robbers (鬼ごっこの時間, Onigokko no jikan)
082. Time for Robbery (泥棒の時間, Dorobō no jikan)
083. Time for Robbery-2nd Period (泥棒の時間・2時間目, Dorobō no jikan, ni jikanme)
084. Take it to the Limit One More Time (限界の時間, Genkai no jikan)
085. Time to Sacrifice the Pawns (駒の時間, Koma no jikan)
086. Time to Obsess (執着の時間, Shūchaku no jikan)
087. Time to Puke (吐きそうな時間, Haki-sōna jikan)
088. Time to Spin (紡ぐ時間, Tsumugu jikan)

Time for Robbery
(泥棒の時間, Dorobō no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 10
11 October 3, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-8801940 August 2, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-4215-8323-5
Chapters list :
089. Time to Take Names (名前の時間, Namae no jikan)

090. Making time for Mr. Handsome (イケメンの時間, Ikemen no jikan)
091. |Time for Sports Day (体育祭の時間, Taiikumatsuri no jikan)
092. Tactical Time (戦術の時間 , Senjutsu no jikan)
093. Time for a Leader (リーダーの時間, Rīdā no jikan)
094. Time for the Agony of Defeat (敗北の時間, Haiboku no jikan)
095. Time to Make a Mistake (間違う時間, Machigau jikan)
096. Time for a Before Picture (ビフォーの時間, Bifō no jikan)
097. Time for an After Picture (アフターの時間, Afutā no jikan)

Time For Sports Day
(体育祭の時間, Taiikumatsuri no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 11
12 December 27, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-8802237 October 4, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-4215-8324-2
Chapters list :
098. Time for a Gift (プレゼントの時間, Purezento no jikan)

099. Time for a Gift-2nd Period (プレゼントの時間・2時間目, Purezento no jikan, ni jikanme)
100. Time for the Grim Reaper (『死神』の時間, Shinigami no jikan)
101. Time for a Counterattack (反撃の時間, Hangeki no jikan)
102. Time for the Grim Reaper-2nd Period (『死神』の時間・2時間目, Shinigami no jikan, ni jikanme)
103. Time for the Grim Reaper-3rd Period (『死神』の時間・3時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 3 jikanme)
104. Time for the Grim Reaper-4th Period (『死神』の時間・4時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 4 jikanme)
105. Time for the Grim Reaper-5th Period (『死神』の時間・5時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 5 jikanme)
106. Time for the Grim Reaper-6th Period (『死神』の時間・6時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 6 jikanme)

Time For The Grim Reaper
(『死神』の時間, Shinigami no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 12
13 March 4, 2015 ISBN : 978-4088803173 December 6, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-4215-8444-7
Chapters list :
107. Time for the Grim Reaper-7th Period (『死神』の時間・7時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 7 jikanme)

108. Time for the Grim Reaper-8th Period (『死神』の時間・8時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 8 jikanme)
109. Time for the Grim Reaper-9th Period (『死神』の時間・9時間目, Shinigami no jikan, 9 jikanme)
110. Time for the World (世界の時間, Sekai no jikan)
111. |Time For A Little Career Counseling (進路の時間, Shinro no jikan)
112. Time for the New Game Plus Mode (2周目の時間, 2-Shū-me no jikan)
113. Now It's Time for a New Game (1周目の時間, 1-Shū-me no jikan)
114. Time for Nagisa (渚の時間, Nagisa no jikan)
115. School Festival Time (学園祭の時間, Gakuen-sai no jikan)

Time For A Little Career Counseling
(進路の時間, Shinro no jikan)

Pages :
14 May 1, 2015 ISBN : 978-4088803548 February 7, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-4215-9561-0
Chapters list :
116. Time for Guests (客の時間, Kyaku no jikan)

117. Time for an Unexpected Guest (珍客の時間, Chinkyaku no jikan)
118. Time for Fate (縁の時間, En no jikan)
119. Time for Final Exams-2nd Period (期末の時間・2時間目, Kimatsu no jikan, 2-jikan-me)
120. Time for Bloodlust (殺気の時間, Sakki no jikan)
121. Time for a Solution (解法の時間, Kaihō no jikan)
122. Time Squared (空間の時間, Kūkan no jikan)
123. Time for a Revelation (誤作動の時間, Go sadō no jikan)
124. Time for a Teacher's Exam (教員試験の時間, Kyōin shiken no jikan)

Time For A Teacher Exam
(期末の時間, Kimatsu no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 14
15 July 3, 2015 ISBN : 978-4088804255 April 4, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-4215-9668-6
Chapters list :
125. Time to Be Perfect (完璧の時間, Kanpeki no jikan)

126. Time to Let Live (生かす時間, Ikasu jikan)
127. Showtime! (演劇の時間, Engeki no jikan)
128. Time for a Storm (嵐の時間, Arashi no jikan)
129. True Identity Time (正体の時間, Shōtai no jikan)
130. Time for Revenge (仇の時間, Ada no jikan)
131. Time for Corrosion (侵蝕の時間, Shinshoku no jikan)
132. Time for the Coup de Grace (殺し技の時間, Koroshi-waza no jikan)
133. Time for a Confession (告白の時間, Kokuhaku no jikan)

Time for a Storm
(嵐の時間, Arashi no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 15
16 October 3, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-08-880485-9 June 6, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-4215-9782-9
Chapters list :
134. Time for the Past (過去の時間, Kako no jikan)

135. Time for the Past-2nd Period (過去の時間・2時間目, Kako no jikan, 2-jikan-me)
136. Time for the Past-3rd Period (過去の時間・3時間目, Kako no jikan, 3-jikan-me)
137. Time for the Past-4th Period (過去の時間・4時間目, Kako no jikan, 4-jikan-me)
138. Time for the Past-5th Period (過去の時間・5時間目, Kako no jikan, 5-jikan-me)
139. Time for the Past-6th Period (過去の時間・6時間目, Kako no jikan, 6-jikan-me)
140. Time for the Past-7th Period (過去の時間・7時間目, Kako no jikan, 7-jikan-me)
141. Time for Vacation-2nd Semester (終業の時間・2学期, Shūgyō no jikan: 2 gakki)
142. Time for Doubts (迷いの時間, Mayoi no jikan)

Time For The Past
(過去の時間 Kako no jikan)

Pages :
17 October 3, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-08-880581-8 August 1, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-4215-9880-2
Chapters list :
143. Time for a Breakup (分裂の時間, Bunretsu no jikan)

144. Time for Assassins (過去の時間, Koroshiya-tachi no jikan)
145. Time for Hidden Talents (爪の時間, Tsume no jikan)
146. Time for a Fierce Battle (激戦の時間, Gekisen no jikan)
147. Time for the Stage (舞台の時間, Butai no jikan)
148. Time for the Process (過程の時間, Katei no jikan)
149. Time for the Result (結果の時間, Kekka no jikan)
150. Time for a Research Project (自由研究の時間, Jiyukenkyū no jikan)
151. Velocity Time (速度の時間, Sokudo no jikan)

Time For A Breakup
(分裂の時間 Bunretsu no jikan)

Pages :
18 March 4, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880627-3 October 3, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-4215-9983-0
Chapters list :
152. Time for Outer Space (宇宙の時間, Uchū no jikan)

153. Time to Prepare (覚悟の時間, Kakugo no jikan)
154. Time for Winter Break (冬休みの時間, Fuyuyasumi no jikan)
155. Time for Super Teacher (超先生の時間, Chō sensei no jikan)
156. Time for a Side Part (七三の時間, Shichi-san no jikan)
157. Time for the Enemy (敵の時間, Teki no jikan)
158. Time for Valentine's Day (バレンタインの時間, Barentain no jikan)
159. Time for Valentine's Day-2nd Period (バレンタインの時間・2時間目, Barentain no jikan, 2-jikan-me)
160. Time for Valentine's Day-After School (バレンタインの時間 放課後, Barentain no jikan, hōkago)

Time for Valentine's Day
(バレンタインの時間, Barentain no jikan)

Pages :
19 April 4, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880651-8 December 5, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-9747-0114-8
Chapters list :
161. Time for Pride (プライドの時間, Puraido no jikan)

162. Time for Memories (思い出の時間, Omoide no jikan)
163. Time for Decisions (確定の時間, Kakutei no jikan)
164. Time for Chaos (混乱の時間, Konran no jikan)
165. Time for Convincing Arguments (正論の時間, Seiron no jikan)
166. Time for Confusion (困惑の時間, Konwaku no jikan)
167. Time for Trust (信頼の時間, Shinrai no jikan)
168. Time to Blossom (開花の時間, Kaika no jikan)
169. Time to Go to School (登校の時間, Tōkō no jikan)

Time To Go To School
(登校の時間, Tōkō no jikan)

Pages :
Vol 19 cover
20 June 3, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880686-0 February 6, 2018 ISBN : 978-1-9747-0193-3
Chapters list :
170. Time for the Next Generation (次世代の時間, Jisedai no jikan)

171. Time for the Last Boss (ラスボスの時間, Rasubosu no jikan)
172. Time for My Students (生徒の時間, Seito no jikan)
173. Time for My Students Time (私の生徒の時間, Watashi no seito no jikan)
174. Time for Facial Colors (顔色の時間, Kaoiro no jikan)
175. Lost Time (戻らない時間, Modoranai jikan)
176. The Time Has Come (やってきた時間, Yattekita jikan)
177. Time to Graduate (卒業の時間, Sotsugyō no jikan)

Time To Graduate
(登校の時間, sotsugyō no jikan)

Pages :
Volume 20 cover
21 July 4, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880727-0 April 3, 2018 ISBN : 978-1-4215-9339-5
Chapters list :
178. Time for Tears (涙の時間, Namida no jikan)

179. Time Passes (去りゆく時間, Sariyuku jikan)
180. Time to Kill (殺しの時間, Koroshi no jikan)
Extra 1. Home Time (自宅の時間, Jitaku no jikan)
Extra 2. Pub Time (居酒屋の時間, Izakaya no jikan)
Extra 3. Identity Time (素性の時間, Sujyou no jikan)
Extra 4. Time to say Thank you (ありがとうの時間, Arigatou no jikan)
Extra 5. Tokyo Depato Sensou Taikenki (東京デパート戦争体験記, Tōkyō depāto sensō taikenki)(one shot)

Time To Say Thank you
(ありがとうの時間, Arigatou no jikan)

Pages :
Vol 21 (final cover)