Assassination Classroom Wiki

Class 3-E[]


Kaede Kayano[]

Kaede and Yukiko bonded over the course of the trip and as of now, Kaede is also the only person who knows of Yukiko's past. According to the official character book, Kayano is one of her closest friends. It is implied in Chapter 142 that Kanzaki knows of Kayano's feelings for Nagisa but is currently keeping silent on the matter.

Tomohito Sugino[]

Sugino has a crush on Yukiko, who is most likely unaware of this and sees him as a good friend. The two were also paired up during the Assassination Test of Courage. Despite being oblivious to Sugino's feelings, she seems to hold a degree of respect for him, as she gave him obligation chocolate for Valentine's Day.

Manami Okuda[]

A companion who is also not-so-assertive and comparatively mature, they have a peaceful relationship. They often standby from afar together.

Nagisa Shiota[]

Yukiko and Nagisa get along well, the latter considering her to be beautiful with a great personality. According to the official character book, whenever she is around him, she feels comfortable.

Toka Yada[]

Kanzaki and Yada are the most beautiful 2 in the class and are one behind the other in the class. Sometimes they are seen together.