Yuzuki Fuwa
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Kanji 不破 優月
Romaji Fuwa Yuzuki
Character Information
Birthday February 9 (Aquarius)
Gender Female Female
Height 160 cm (5'3")
175cm (Timeskip)
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
56 kg (Timeskip)
Blood Type B
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Older brother
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class Class 3-E
Seat Number 21
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kana Ueda (Anime)
English Voice Kristi Kang (Funimation Broadcast Dub)
Actor Rena Takeda

Yuzuki Fuwa, (不破 優月 Fuwa Yuzuki) is a student in class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, taught by Korosensei.


Yuzuki has green eyes and short black hair styled in a bob cut with straight bangs. In the anime, her hair is purplish black and her eyes are light purple.


Fuwa has an imaginative and enthusiastic personality. She is fan of manga, particularly the shōnen demographic as evidenced with her common referencing, mentioning, or reading Weekly Shōnen Jump and other shōnen magazines. 


Fuwa debuted in Assassination Time along with the majority of Class E, but didn't get a prominent introduction until Command Time. She was the first person to correctly identify Smog as the person who issued the drinks to the students of Class E which held the virus and deduce that he was the culprit.

Her next notable appearance is during Chapter 83 when Korosensei was accused of being an underwear thief. She along with Nagisa, Karma, Kaede, and Terasaka sneak onto the property of a training facility which was housing a big-busted idol unit in order to catch the person who was masking as their teacher who of which later turned out to be one of Tadaomi Karasuma's colleagues working for Shiro. After Shiro abandoned Itona in Chapter 86, the latter began attacking and destroying cell phone stores which prompted her and Ritsu to do some research on Itona's history.

Her interest in becoming a manga editor has reached the point to where Fuwa has broken the 4th wall, as shown in Customer Time.


Investigation: Fuwa has shown herself to have a knack for solving mysteries. She states that it is because of her constant reading of manga that she has come to expect the strange and relate scenarios to the current situation. She has notable deduction skills and possibly possesses a good memory as she was the first person to recognize Smog.


  • She was called "THIS MANGA IS AWESOME!!" during class 3-E's training using code names. The one who wrote her codename was Sugino.
  • In the art rankings of Volume 5, she was placed 2nd among the female students.
  • Her future goal is to become an editor.
  • Her best subject is History, while her worst subject is Math.
  • When shown a shōnen manga, Fuwa would try to count the lines in the saturated linework. However, when shown a seinen manga, she blushes heavily and sinks into a bashful silence.
  • Yuzuki's VA,Kana Ueda has also portrayed as Yako Katsuragi,the heroine in Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro (Neuro: Supernatural Detective, 魔人探偵 脳噛ネウロ?, lit. "Demon Detective Neuro Nōgami"),another comic series made by Yūsei Matsui.This a reference on Yuzuki's interest on manga and Investigation skills.
  • In Volume 12, Chapter 98, Korosensei is reading a used Jump he bought off her.
  • She has broken the 4th wall in Customer Time when she commented "It took us 8 pages to get that reaction, but that's another manga's forte" to the confusion of Nagisa. That feat became more usual in Koro Sensei Quest.
  • During the Civil War, she and Sugino were both eliminated when Hazama ambushed and shot them.
  • It is stated on Chapter 162 Fuwa likes One Piece as she imitates Monkey D. Luffy's gear second.
  • Her school rankings:
    • First Term Midterms: 90th, 339 points
    • First Term Finals: 59th, 382 points
    • Second Term Midterms: 92nd, 347 points
  • In the tankobon extras, her statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 3
    • Mobility: 3
    • Close-range assassination: 3
    • Long-range assassination: 4
    • Academic ability: 4
    • Characteristic skill: 5 (master of manga) 



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